Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 5, Episode 9 Recap

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Note: The blog is about the television show as it airs, not what we already know about ie. Kenya and Walter’s dry fake relationship.

Nene talks to Kenya about her thirstiness, her faux relationship with Walter.

Kandi and Cynthia visit Porsha at her gorgeous home. She is asked how many bedrooms she has has, she counts in her head, 7 or 8 for her future children. Also she read a story where a village in the whole continent of Africa has an extradinary amount of twins by eating yams, a birth rate of 80%. So she is on her yam kick. If yams produced twins, the whole of Jamaica would be a twin-fest.

Apollo and Phaedra meet with Kenya about their fitness video. Kenya actually sounds like she knows what she is talking about. Phaedra says that money is no object as she has no budget. No Phaedra, you forgot about a setting budget. The Nida’s are not sure what they want, they bicker back and forth.

Cynthia and her husband look for desserts; a blogger who Peter follows claims that Phaedra and Apollo are getting divorced. Note: If I didn’t report it, it’s nonsense. Phaedra is pregnant, and both she and Apollo are seemingly still together. Cynthia asks her husband if he goes to strip clubs, she doesn’t know? What kind of mess is that? Or is her script getting dry. They later go to a strip club, the Clermont Lounge, with the Nida’s, the strip club looked like it was from the prohibition era. The strip joint is a institution apparently and the strippers, I must give them props for getting up there in that state. A fun time is had by all. Note Peter or Apollo didn’t take their wives to Onyx, Magic City, Strokers, or Blue Flame, who have a much better caliber of dancers. Apollo starts to talk without Phaedra shutting him down, he rambles on and ends his piece with, ‘Sector of the time scale’ and wants to be juvial, which we think is a mix between jovial and juvenile. Poor thing. prison must have messed him up royally, his language capacity is shot to hell. Phaedra married a pretty face, we are not mad at you Phaedra.

Kenya and helmet head Walter have lunch and have a ‘talk’ about their ‘relationship’. It’s sad and funny to listen to them continue with their charade.

Pastor Pollard, Phaedra’s pastor, blesses the fornicating home of Kandi and Todd. Ok. Phaedra pushes the issue of marriage for Kandi and Todd. Then she goes off on a tangent about the joys of her marriage with Apollo. Why would anyone want to get married after listening to Phaedra?

In their hot tub, Kordell and Porsha talk about her problems with Kenya.

Nene works her cover shoot for Ebony magazine. The photographer tells her to channel Josephine Baker, what the banana dance? Anyway she does a great job and looks fab.

At Cynthia’s Pink Moscata opening at Bar One, of course. She looks fabulous in tangerine. Kenya arrives last and avoids Porsha. Meanwhile at the men’s table, Peter is getting them all drunk. Apollo starts to talk again, bless his poor illiterate heart – he shares what it was like in the joint, not seeing daylight for months. He went to jail for racketeering, he didn’t kill anyone, he sounded like he was in solitary confinement.

Kandi brings up Kenya’s craving for marriage and look who walks in, Walter, and he does not acknowledge Kenya, until he was leaving. He joins he drunk tank and states he has to go through steps before he proposes. Right. Kenya and Walter don’t even deserve to be spoken about as both their lies are boring.

Porsha approaches Kenya to try and make peace and clear the air. Kenya makes it clear that she doesn’t not want to be friends with Kenya. Why does Porsha think Kenya is immature, because she doesn’t want anything to do with her. Kenya is mature enough to make that clear. Kordell jumps in and shows his hand and how pushy he is when he thinks Porsha isn’t handling Kenya properly.

Peter and Kandi bring up the rumors of the Nida’s pending divorce. Tipsy Apollo makes his way over to his wife and precedes to tongue her down.

Kim who? Does anyone miss Mrs Zolciak-Biermann? I thought not.

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