Real Housewives of New Jersey | Season 4 Episode 15 Recap

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If This RV Is A Rockin’

The RV trip continues, and we start out seeing Albert trying to axe wood. We go from breakfast right into the gang drinking wine. Surprise, surprise they are drinking wine to excess again. The group is getting ready to head out and go surfing. “Nothing like drinking a couple of bottles of wine and then go surfing”.

This surfing trip is going to be interesting to say the least. My hope is that no one drowns.

As the gang gets ready putting on wet suits and playing on fake boards. They move onto the beach and of course everyone is falling off their surfboards. I just realized why they all got drunk before this outing. They want to use being drunk as an excuse to look like idiots, as none of them know what they are doing. Melissa looks great in her bedazzled bikini. You would never know she has children. Kathy is serious about learning how to surf and that just goes to her personality. Teresa wants to learn to surf also as “she is driven”. Or, is it that if Kathy can do it I can do it better? Teresa does get up and then falls over and injures her ankle.  Kathy gets up on the board and is able to stay upright. Way to go Kathy.

Jacqueline stated earlier that she is feeling chunky so she doesn’t want to put on a wet suit, Chris tells us that he thinks she has a great body and was looking forward to seeing Jacqueline in a wet suit.  Love that Chris isn’t afraid to say that he loves his wife’s body.  Kudos to Chris, for that statement.

Back at the Gorga RV and Joe Gorga is pulling his pants down yet again and showing off his penis and Teresa tells us that she doesn’t want to see her brother’s private parts as it would be like Angelina Jolie seeing her brother’s private parts. Where the heck did that come from? Then Juicy Joe goes on to state that he only shows his private parts to women, women from his past and now only Teresa. Again, you can’t help but think this was a Freudian slip?  Drink up, Joe Giudice, we will know all soon.  More talk about private parts and I can’t take much more of it.

The gang is sitting around the campfire and Chris informs them that they are heading out in the morning for the next part of the trip. They travel over the Golden Gate Bridge and then immediately, the group dares Joe Gorga to strip down to his underwear and knock on the RV next to them and ask for some fruit.  Joe Gorga does it and I still don’t get how these adults let off steam.  They are all successful people and they revert to being childish when drinking or just even dared to. I shake my head while watching this episode.

Albie once again is being the adult in the group. During the truth or dare game, Lauren asks Albie if he thinks that all of the Manzo kids will stay close as adults. Albie states that they should move on and grow and that will make them all stronger. When Albie talks everyone should listen as he seems to be the best voice of reason this year. While the gang is traveling the 2 hours to their next destination Lindsey calls Albie and lets her know that she is finished moving into Albie’s apartment. Caroline is shocked by the news.  Caroline tells us that she is happy for him but feels that it is too soon. Two years is too soon? Then Lauren is notified by the walkie talkie about Albie’s girlfriend moving in with the guys.  Lauren is really put out by this and I am not sure if this is true hurt or just the beginning of really big hissy fit.

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge everyone in the group loses their cell phone service all at once. You would have thought that the world was coming to an end. Everyone in this group is spoiled; this camping trip is high end and much more comfortable than most of us have ever experienced when we go camping with our family and friends. At the campsite the women cook and bring all of their items out to the picnic table. Again, this is not your average cookout at a campground site. It looks like a buffet table in a small restaurant.

Lauren is continuing her little hissy fit with her brothers. Jacqueline states that Lauren feels left out of all the excitement going on with her brothers. Lauren needs to continue with her journey as she is a wonderful young woman with so much potential.  Lauren doesn’t need to waste any more time on worrying about what her brothers are doing, she needs to take that energy and put it into herself and her dreams and goals.

Next the gang goes out canoeing and kayaking. I hate to admit it, but this time the craziness that ensues was entertaining. Melissa and Joe’s boat springs a leak and Melissa goes nuts, she is screaming like she is being tortured. She is afraid of the ‘bugs’ in the water.  The two Joe’s go to urinate and have a private moment where it seems that they make up. They hugged it out after they finished.

Back at the Casini Ranch the gang is enjoying their last night in the RV’s.  Caroline and Jacqueline discuss the ‘Teresa’ situation.

Teresa and Jacqueline are both hurt by their falling out. It all goes back to when Jacqueline thought that Teresa was going to jail for fraud and she was scared for her. When Jacqueline confronted Teresa about it, she scared off Teresa, who probably herself was scared at the time at the thought that she may go to jail. Instead of comforting each other it seemed like a confrontation on both sides. So Teresa and Jacqueline go into one of the RV’s to have a one on one talk. Teresa feels that Jacqueline ambushed her and Jacqueline’s response was that she feels left out of the loop. Good friends know things first before the public does.

Jacqueline understands friendship a little differently than Teresa does. Jacqueline wants full on disclosure friendship and Teresa wants just a no pressure, let’s have a good time friendship. Both of the women feel that their friendship is ‘fake’. The women continue to talk and Jacqueline says that from now on their friendship “will not be that deep”, mean while, Teresa says that after this trip “they should just go their own way”. My opinion is that they should go their separate way, and see how it plays out naturally. No pushing from either side.

Teresa is always trying to make things right after she makes them wrong. We shall see if this friendship can be repaired.  “As sure as my name is Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline will be hurt”. Comment below and keep the conversation going. Till next week.

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