Real Housewives of New Jersey | Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

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Whine Country

We finally head up to Napa Valley and the meeting at a winery. Teresa tells us that Joe needs nookie at least once a day or he is cranky. It’s too early in the episode for too much information. As we visit the various RV’s, we hear everyone’s opinion about the Caroline and Teresa feud. Melissa discusses with Teresa how once Teresa does these magazine interviews everything that is said is out there for all to see. Teresa says that once you say it, you can’t go back. Melissa goes on to say that from now on, Teresa should only say positive things about all of them or don’t say anything at all. Melissa and Teresa agree that they are having a good time on this trip and it feels good. For the sake of the family I hope that Teresa will be a better sister and sister in law.  Only time will tell.  Teresa tells Melissa that she feels the air  is cleared with Jacqueline.  Now onto the Manzo/Laurita RV and we hear them talk about the ladies issues.  Jacqueline feels like they are in a better place and then Lauren tells Jacqueline that she is not sure that Teresa is being real about the friendship.  Chris chimes in at the end of the conversation and ends it pretty fast by saying that Jacqueline should have a casual friendship with Teresa and that they will stay friends will the Gorga’s and the Wakile’s and Caroline states that she is done with it all.  Chris Laurita and Albie Manzo appear to be the voices of reason.

Back at the Gorga & Giudice RV, Teresa wants to go out and “do it” in the vineyard with Joe. Melissa hits it right on the nail, “you are such a media whore, there is nothing like a sex tape to get your career going”.  Teresa’s facial expression to Melissa was priceless.  Even though Melissa was right in saying this, she isn’t always Miss Innocent either. If you listen to her throughout the season, she has her moments of

They arrived at the Lancaster Estate and it is beautiful. This part of the trip is very important to Albert, Albie and Chris as this wine is something they are looking into, to market on the east coast.  You know that bringing the whole group to this tasting will be a disaster.  As they all move into the tasting area we see footage of the winery and how it works. Teresa is dressed like she belongs back in San Francisco in the 60’s and yet her shoes are taller than she is. Of course the two Joe’s start acting up and Albie and Chris are really regretting having everyone there. Teresa states that the guys should lighten up on their vacation.  What planet is she on? The whole reason they ventured out to California was for this meeting.  While everyone was getting back onto the shuttle bus after the tasting, there was a very cute moment; Chris gives Jacqueline a love pat on the butt.  That was a very sweet moment and just goes to show you that this couple is the real deal.

As they head back to the estate, there is a conversation on whether there was a KFC Chicken joint on a corner or not back in their New Jersey neighborhood.  You finally get to hear something from Albert and he tells Joe Giudice, that he is wrong and he is a “loser”.  Funny how
sometimes when people are holding in their anger it comes out over the smallest thing.

Now the group is going on a tour of the winery and Chris would like it if everyone behaved during the tour. Poor Chris, you know this group will not behave, but it is nice that you have a little faith. Once again we are shown the beautiful winery and this one has a “wine cave”. The two Joe’s start with their crap of course.  I almost liked it better when they were not talking. These two men, if you can call them that, are very uncomfortable to watch when they are acting this way.

Lauren comes over and puts a blind fold on Caroline and says they have a surprise for her.  They take her to a special dinner planned outside with a beautiful view of the vineyard.  What happens next is touching and enduring as a parent. Caroline’s children toast her and I don’t think there was a dry eye among anyone of us watching.  Caroline is one lucky woman, her children have remained in her life even as adults. Most children they grow up leave the nest and you don’t have this close relationship. I admire that about Caroline.

Joe Giudice, tries to give a toast and says something to the effect that we should all forget the “bull crap” and move forward with their
friendship. Joe and Teresa are really living in a fantasy world.  In that world they are friends with everyone and everyone loves and adores them. Wake up you two; there is not enough damage control out there to put you back in with any of these people that you call your “friends”.  It saddens me to say this, but it will take a lot more than a quick apology and a toast at a birthday party.

Joe then, gets up from the dinner table and states that he has to make a work call. Supposedly he is talking to someone and if he really is talking to someone, they know Caroline as he mentions how they are celebrating her birthday.  He makes some other comments and of course
the comment all of the fans have been waiting for as he calls Teresa a “c***”.  He continues to say that Teresa is on her way over there and “I’m gonna talk to you, like, whatever…..”  In the background the Manzo’s are enjoying the evening.  Teresa and Joe walk off alone after the phone call and make it appear that they want some alone time.  Teresa will wave this off as “oh that is just how Joe talks”.  Teresa please, please, please let this be a wake-up call for you. You have a lot of fans out there don’t lose them because of your not so nice husband.  Some will say it is great to stand by your man and others will say, dump him and dump him fast.  Ultimately it is Teresa’s choice on what to do about Joe. My hope is that she makes the right decision for family and herself.

As the last night of this wacky trip continues, the girls are getting ready for a dinner at the estate. Teresa and Jacqueline once again hash out the ‘recipe’ incident.  Father and son, Albert and Albie have a great moment where they are discussing the family business and it is my favorite
moment of the night.  Albert tells his son Albie just how proud he is of how they are all working hard to make their new business work. Caroline and Kathy spend a few moments together and discuss how Teresa and Jacqueline have made up.  Jacqueline arrives and joins in the conversation and she admits that she “knows the boundaries now” of having a friendship with Teresa.

Everyone arrives for the final dinner in California, all the women and even the men look great. Everyone is decked out for this “last supper” if you will.  The wine is flowing and the toasts are being made. Chris thanks everyone for coming on the trip.  Then Teresa starts her toast and thanks Melissa and Joe for the good times and wishes Caroline a happy birthday and then leaves Kathy out of her toast.  Kathy of course feels left out and embarrassed for Teresa. With Teresa leaving out her cousin Kathy, it was not a good thing to do.  Teresa will be back peddling shortly on how she did include Kathy in the toast.

On that note the night has ended so we think, however judging from next week’s sneak peek it looks like, everyone who has been playing nice and keeping quiet, start to unravel.

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