Real Housewives Of New Jersey | Season 4, Episode 9 Recap

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Public Display Of Rejection

Chris Laurita visits the Manzo’s with a bottle of wine. Chris states that Jacqueline is honest and loyal but when someone betrays her she goes all out and cuts them out of their lives, she did so with Ashlee’s dad and she is doing the same with Teresa.

Jacqueline is on camera crying and she states she had a breakdown due to her relationship with Teresa disintegrating.

Meanwhile at the Giudice ranch, Joe asks Teresa how she is doing. Joe asking Teresa anything like that is a joke. They discuss how Jacqueline is not a friend and is a do-do bird.  Teresa is obviously hurting over the argument. Joe has had enough of the talk and shuts her up. Nice move Joe.

Teresa calls Kathy for breakfast or lunch. Wow desperation much, after losing her ‘family’ Caroline and Jacqueline, or is she actually reaching out to family, who knows with Bravo editing. Then Teresa states to Kathy, that last night she had a fight with Caroline and Jacqueline, there goes that theory. Teresa you should have called her a long time ago and not waited until your “family’ turned on you! Kathy went through photos and keepsakes that Teresa gave to Kathy’s children.

Melissa is going to speak to Ryan Seacrest on the phone, for the re-mix to her song, ‘On Display, so she plasters on some makeup for a phone call. The portion of the phone call we heard went well. Then Joe said that the reason Melissa does so well is because all the practice in the bedroom, soon she’ll be singing opera. Inappropriate much? Ryan wasn’t hearing it and said goodbye.

Teresa said that she would like to go to therapy with her brother even though that is against her ‘morals’. Teresa do you know what morals mean?

mor·al – adjective
of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical: moral attitudes.

So calling your brothers wife a gold digger, fighting with family and continuing a fight, even if you didn’t start it and banging a table isn’t against her morals? Teresa’s moral code is extremely low.

Joe and Melissa are driving to the party and they are excited.

Joe and Teresa are on the way to the party, Teresa reads a negative comment about Melissa’s song. Teresa you could have at least have read a positive comment.

Caroline, Kathy and Jacqueline are catching up on the drama with Teresa, how quaint. Caroline states that she is done with Teresa.

Teresa and Joe arrive, Melissa greets them. Teresa says nothing to Caroline or Jacqueline. Why should she, they told her they are done with her. Teresa tells her brother that she wants to see a therapist with him. Teresa wants the therapist to show her brother he is wrong, umm no Teresa that is not how it works the therapist shows you, where you both may have gone wrong and then shows you how you can resolve your issues. Therapists don’t play the blame game.

Jacqueline speaks to Teresa. What transpires was pure nonsense. Why would Jacqueline start up with Teresa at the party? That was not the right time. Drunk much? Melissa hears the commotion and asks them to stop. Teresa explains it all starts with Melissa talking to Danielle. Tipsy Jacqueline jumps in the conversation and Teresa shuts her down, Jacqueline gets pissed off and walks off. Melissa and Teresa acknowledge sort of that they are alike and fight. Melissa apologizes for speaking to Danielle. Then Melissa sarcastically tweets, it happened 2 years ago, she wasn’t really sorry but hoped that her apologizing would make Teresa apologize too for her wrong doings.

The party ends with Melissa, Kathy and Teresa hugging it out and being cordial for now…

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