Real Housewives of Atlanta: Big Momma’s, Big Poppa’s & Irony

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New Tricks

Sheree visits Phaedra who is representing her in court. Phaedra thought the court hearing went well. Really? Bob filed a motion as he believes that Sheree has furniture that belongs to him from the divorce 4 years ago. So this motion stopped the child support proceedings for probably a few years By the way what does furniture have to do with child support? Phaedra brings up that by the way Sheree spoke she made it appear that Phaedra was not diligent in handing Sheree’s case. Sheree states that Bob is two steps ahead. Phaedra then responds that she only proceeds with court cases once she has been paid. Did Sheree also forget that Phaedra did want to go after Bob earlier, it was Sheree that was dragging her heels. Phaedra recommends that someone else represent Sheree so as not to mess up their friendship. They’re friends now?

Kim is going to move to a new 17,000 sq foot home. The previous home owner Kendra is an interior decorator and Kim has hired her. We are then shown clips of previous episodes dating back to season 1 and we are reminded of the awful wigs Kim used to wear and there is a wall showcased, where everyone in Kim’s life has signed, including Kim’s one time girlfriend Tracy Young and former bff Nene Leakes. Was Big Poppa’s name on their too? The wall is a wall of shame.

Cynthia and husband Peter, attend an art show at a gallery as she is trying to bring more art to Atlanta. Really? Because there is absolutely no art in Atlanta. I am sure the Atlanta Artists Center and numerous art galleries would beg to differ. Kandi, Marlo, Nene, Phaedra and Kim all attend. Kandi takes it upon herself to try and get a concise answer from Marlo as to where she get’s her money from. Marlo says she gets an allowance from the men she has dated. Phaedra frowns upon this and Kandi looks satisfied. Why Kandi needs to know where Marlo gets her money from is beyond me. If men want to pay her and she is ok with that, then that is her business. Which rich man who is dating a not so rich woman is not going to give them money, cars, jewelry, gifts etc? If he didn’t everyone, would call him a bum!

Cynthia and Peter are having their photo’s taken in a photo shoot to promote themselves as a power couple. Couple, kind of. Power, no. Cynthia makes a mistake on the date for the invitations for The Bailey Agency – School of Fashion opening party. Peter doesn’t want to help, he wants it all to be Cynthia’s doing so she can be named the success. Was this harsh? Hell yes!

Kandi has a meeting with Don Juan in regards to not working for free for her friends and also the direction she wants her career to go. Did someone really have to tell her she needed to stop that?! She also plans on writing again for other artists, which I think is one of her best assets. She is going to tackle country music next. Kandi Skype’s with country artist Jo Dee Messina they discuss a writing collaboration. Jo Dee is open to the idea and they plan to work together.

Kendra does a great job of relaying Kim’s gaudiness in her new home. Some of the furniture was over the top, ugly and I am sure very expensive. Once thing I know, Kim has yet to file for bankruptcy and we have not heard about any money problems from her team. Baby KJ’s room was a nightmare. Brielle’s room was nice, but not suitable for a 14 year old apart from the blinged out computer.

Cynthia is stressing over the party and it appears that no-one has hardly responded to the invitations. Where was her assistant in all this? Peter true to form did not help one bit. Sheree states maybe they didn’t pay some bills as there was no air conditioner. How quickly hoity toity Sheree forgets she is not one to talk about paying bills. Marlo meets Kim and Kim in her side interview states, “I heard that Marlo sleeps with married men for money“, is she serious? Marlo and Kandi get into it about who has a Big Poppa and Marlo calls Kandi a Big Momma. Marlo who appears to be trying to make herself relevant and making a last ditch effort for season 5, because seriously she is boring, add her ex-fiance Charles Grant to the cast instead. Marlo says that Kandi has some stories about her that she doesn’t think was appropriate to spill in front of her friends. The term Big Poppa is thrown around multiple times, Kim is superbly embarrassed and looks disgusted and wants to get out of that conversation. Remember Kim was proud of her relationship with Big Poppa and defended it to a T from season 1-3. I don’t care if the man is having problems with his wife (one of which is most likely the fact that he has a mistress). Having a ‘relationship’ with a married man isn’t a relationship it’s adultery. Just because you have a ring doesn’t erase your proud past as a mistress, who has yet to apologize or admit that affair was wrong. Imagine if someone did this to you now or one of your daughters was a mistress? So pointing the condescending finger at Marlo who is doing the same thing you did, with single men, is just a joke.

Best Line Of The Night

Kim: Who sleeps with married men for money?

Yes, who indeed.

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