Real Housewives of Atlanta: Friends & Enemies – Recap

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We Come in Peace (And Packing Hear)

Kroy takes Kim to practice shooting and they bring the baby, who doesn’t wake up. Why was the baby at the practice shoot in the first place?

Cynthia and Peter go on a double date with Phaedra and Apollo and all goes well. Which is interesting seeing that Peter and Apollo were trying to prove who was the toughest at Kim’s baby shower. Cynthia asks Apollo how old he is he says 32. She asks Phaedra who looks sheepish and doesn’t want to answer, then she says she is 5 1/2 year older than Apollo. This isn’t news, why is she embarrassed over the age gap? His arrest record and time served is more interesting than their age gap. Phaedra is planning a trip to visit South Africa and all the ladies are invited. After the dinner, Cynthia calls Nene who states she does not want to go to South Africa.

Nene goes to meet John and his team for designs for her lounge. He gifts her another pair of Christian Louboutins. John although corny is alright with me. Since we have seen him, every time he and Nene meet, she gets gifts. Greg who?

Phaedra invites Kandi to a African dancing class. She tells her about the trip to South Africa. Kandi turned up her nose at the idea and Phaedra asks if her perception of Africa is of naked women with breast hanging out. Sad. It appears no matter how much money you have, class and education should be a must. Kandi who alleges she doesn’t do the blogs just so happened to see the blogs and know that Marlo Hampton was arrested 7 times. I believe Kandi scours the internet for information on herself and others.

Kim, Kroy and KJ go to visit her witch. She predicts that Kim will have a baby girl that will not be full term. How had is it for someone to predict that Kim will have another baby, she is only 33!?

Sheree and Phaedra visit the APEX Museum and make fun of one of the mannequin’s penis’. They are shown pictures of Accra, Ghana where the slaves were captured before their vacation “cruise” to America and other places for “work opportunities.”

Phaedra calls His Excellency Vice President, John Dramani Mahama of Ghana and she tells him of her trip. She apparently was on a “Can you hear me now plan?” they were disconnected.

Joyce and the ladies have dinner. Kim was the last to arrive and when she entered the room, Nene all of a sudden had to play with her phone in the opposite direction. Childish. If Kim and Nene don’t see each other as they claim, then they, especially Nene wouldn’t need to act childish when they are in the same room as each other. Joyce decides she is going to be the peacemaker and states the ladies need to stop acting like children, which I agree with. She then also wants Kim and Nene to say hello to each other. She gets Kim to say hello Nene and Nene just said hi. It isn’t Joyce’s place to do this and she should just leave well alone, although I am sure her intentions were well meaning. Joyce also didn’t know she was drinking alcohol. How did she not know? Why couldn’t the women just say hello and be done, you can be cordial and continue hating each other. Nene gives off that blank stare when trying to prove to everyone she doesn’t care. Nene doesn’t want to go to Africa and Kim is not going as she is still nursing KJ.

By the way last week, why did Marlo and Nene state their shoe sizes in European numbers? They are a 10½ – 11. There is no shame in that.

Next week:
Kim tries to lose weight the easy way while Kandi attends a boot camp to drop pounds; the ladies prep for their South African vacation as NeNe schemes to bring socialite Marlo along; and the NFL lockout ends for Kroy, leaving Kim on her own.

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