Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap | Season 8, Episode 12 “Au Naturel”

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 8, Episode. 12 | Aired 24th Jan

On tonight’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta – “Beauties & The Beat” the ladies attend a makeup free brunch.

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker take a refresher course on parenting. A woman comes to teach them how to deal with their newborn. Todd and Kandi discuss taking shifts with the baby, Todd seems to not want to do much. Kandi also has not done any decorating for the baby’s room. Where is her assistant? Kandi and best friend and fake assistant Carmon, talk with Todd about hiring a nanny, Kandi is thinking about hiring a manny, a male nanny, Todd isn’t happy about that but he is ok with a female nanny. Ok.

Phaedra meets with her lawyer and decides she wants to start the divorce proceedings. She has yet to file as of the 22nd January 2016. She also thinks about allowing her sons to see their father in prison, just before Apollo’s lawyers enter to discuss the impending divorce.

Kim decides to throw a “beatless brunch”, meaning no makeup, but eyelashes, breast implants and weaves are welcome.

Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra and Sheree Whitfield wear light makeup. Porsha Williams came complete with her makeup flawlessly done with two sets of eye lashes, Kenya wore makeup also.

Brunch was going ‘well’ until Kenya said she didn’t appreciate the way Kim’s invite was presented. “When I listened to your invitation and it said that we needed to be reminded that makeup is to enhance our beauty, I did feel that that was a jab or an insult. I don’t think that anyone should tell me how I should look. I guess that’s what I didn’t appreciate in the invitation.”

Instead of replying immediately, Kim continued eating, Kenya stated, “So are we doing that dismissive thing again?”

Cynthia foolishly wanted Kim and Kenya to co-direct a commercial for her sunglasses line. Why I’ll never know, she knows they don’t get along. Kim said there aren’t any co-directors. Really Kim as an actress and a director, you should know there are multiple co-directors on earth.

Kim: “When you direct 200 or 300 hours of television, then we can talk.”

Cynthia schedules a meeting, Kim shows up but when Cynthia calls her to find out where she is, Kenya said she had am emergency at her home, the one she is building. Oh really?

Kim presented a decent concept for the commercial that Cynthia really liked, yet for some reason, Cynthia still wanted Kim to work with Kenya. “I don’t co-direct,” Kim said.

Kenya is at her home, ‘working with the construction crew’ and Matt her date from the last month, “I think this is the future home of my family. Meaning children and a husband.” Kenya and Matt were in the Dominican Republic for he new year. SO here’s hoping this works.

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