Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap | Season 8, Episode 14

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 8, Episode. 14 | Aired 14th February

On tonight’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta“Peaches Of The Caribbean” the ladies and their husbands are still in Jamaica.

Kenya Moore is still being petty and upset that she wasn’t chosen to be in Cynthia Bailey’s eye-wear commercial or direct it. Kenya decided to skip the trip to see Peter Thomas’ aunt and uncle, she instead chose a spa day with her boyfriend Matt. Cynthia, Peter, Nene and Gregg Leakes, Kim Fields, Chris Morgan, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks, Sheree Whitfield and Malorie Bailey-Massie took a bus to eat at Peter’s aunts, for an authentic fish fry. Peter’s aunt mistook his sister-in-law Malorie for his wife, Cynthia.

On her friendship with Kenya, Cynthia said, “I never denied my friendship with Kenya. All I said was, ‘We are not best friends’ — because we are not best friends! I think last night it was clear that I’m excited that Nene’s back in my life and if anything should have been taken from it, that’s what should have been taken. I want to be good friends with everybody. We all have our different friendships.” She did admit, however, “It’s never going to be what it is with me and Nene.”

Kenya explained her side of the stupid situation to Matt. “At the end of the day, I have only tried to build Cynthia up and Nene has only tried to tear her down.” Calm down Kenya.

When the group returned to the resort, Nene became the bigger person and went up to get Kenya to come downstairs and talk to Cynthia and join the group for drinks. She comes down and Cynthia apologizes. Ok.

Meanwhile, then men are getting to know each other. Peter decides to ask Matt a few questions, Matt reveals he is 28 – to which the grandfathers – Peter and Gregg joke that he is so young and that he has a son/jeans that old. Matt wasn’t too happy about the direction of the conversation and the two got into a tiny verbal spat. Matt got up and left.

Porsha comments that Kim’s husband is sassy and high-strung. Kenya decides to put her two cents in about the rumors in Hollywood that his nickname is Christie.

“I have been in Hollywood for 20 years. I worked with her when she was on Living Single, honey, and I’m not talking about Three’s Company.”

Nene added that Chris told her, he was a Broadway actor.

Sheree and Cynthia wanted no part of this conversation.

The day of the commercial shoot is finally here. Kim flies in her production assistant to help with everything. Kim took control and seemed to handle everything very well and professionally. Kenya said she was there to support her friend Cynthia, but took a paddle boat out in the ocean then complained that the commercial was too loud. Really Kenya?

Porsha’s flavor of the week, Oliver, who she met in Miami, arrives to keep her company – she jokes to him they can have a threesome with Phaedra. Phaedra would have loved that.

Everyone attends the wrap party in celebration of the commercial shoot, except Kim’s husband Chris who had work commitments. At the party Sheree felt it was her duty then to inform Kim what was said about her husband, “Last night you didn’t make it out to the pool. There were some things said about your husband that were not very flattering. I like to keep it real and tell the truth. I just want to let you know that some of the things that were said last night were about your husband being fruity or gay.”

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