Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap | Season 8, Episode 15

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 8, Episode. 15 | Aired 21th February

On tonight’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta – titled, “Read School Is in Session” the Jamaican holiday comes to an end, finally.

Sheree Whitfield decides to tell Kim Fields about the gay gossip about her husband Chris Morgan, that he was known to be, “fruity or gay.” Kim kept her cool and shook off the rumors, “Chris is a wonderful husband and father and we’ve been together happily for 10 years and it’s good.”

Kenya just had to say something else, “I don’t think we really care either way if your husband is gay or whether or not you guys are having tax problems or any other kind of problems. You portray like everything is perfect. It’s not really perfect, so we just want the real Kim Fields to show up. You have this wall up and it’s almost like you’re reading from a script.” Really Kenya?

Kim later called her husband and told him what was going on, he said, “When they google you, you got ’em shook.” Ok Chris.

Nene Leakes and Phaedra Parks meet up with Kim for brunch where they wanted to teach her how to read Kenya. Nene is the only woman who can ‘read’, well.

The whole group, which included Porsha Williams, her date Oliver, Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas, Sheree and ex-husband Bob Whitfield, who is trying to win her back, but it looks like he has won that battle, Kenya and boyfriend Matt, Kim and Phaedra hike up Dunn’s River Falls. Nene watched everyone hike.

Peter later took everyone for their last dinner – jerk chicken – the men and women dined separately.

Kim starts the conversation with Kenya about their issues, “I feel like at some point, Kenya, you’ve crossed a line into disrespect of me that’s not going to be tolerated. So let’s have no communication or cordial communication, but at the end of the day you’re not going to talk about my family, you’re not going to talk about me. I think it’s highly unfair and disrespectful.”

“Congratulations for being able to speak for yourself,” nasty much’? “I don’t hate you. I’m indifferent to you. I have come a long way with a lot of girls at the table. Whether we get there or not, I don’t know. I just am not willing to spend any more effort on the cause. If we’re at an impasse, we’re at an impasse.”

Cynthia told Kenya, she owed Kim an apology for pulling out her chair out from under her. Kenya responded, “It was out of line.” Kenya apologizes.

Cynthia the decides to talk about her own issues with Kenya, mainly Kenya instead of supporting her, ‘friend’ at her commercial shoot, she took a paddle boat in the ocean with Matt and missed the shoot, “The only thing that was missing, for me, was Kenya. You did come but then when you came you pretty much just got in the paddle boat and paddled.”

Kenya says, “Obviously things went wrong from the time that you asked both of us to work on the commercial. I really did prepare. I had a great concept for you. I actually had two. The fact that you didn’t give me an opportunity to hear me out, honestly, it just hurt my feelings more than anything.”

Kenya then brings up Nene’s return into Cynthia’s life, “Was this before or after Nene came back?”

Peter stated, “The only reason [Malorie] was laying beside her was because you elected not to be there,”

“Honestly, it was a real jerk thing for me to do. I’m really sorry because I let you down,” Kenya said. Cynthia accepted her apology, saying she felt it was “sincere.” Phaedra didn’t believe her. What were your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Don’t Be Tardy I Dream of Nene Kandi’s Wedding

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