Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap | The Mother Of Family Drama

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 8, Episode. 10 | Aired 10th Jan

On tonight’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta – Trouble on the Family Tree – Family troubles are definitely in order.

RHOA-8-10-Kandi BurrussPregnant Kandi Burruss who just had her son Ace last week, went shopping with her mother, busy body, rude, overbearing and mooching Joyce Jones, known to others as Mama Joyce. They went shopping for baby furniture. Kandi let her know she has some issues with Phaedra as she owes $8,000 for her pregnancy exercise tape. Joyce wants to go and talk to Phaedra. WHY?! Kandi feebly says no. We already know that Kandi prepped her mother for this, there is no damn reason on earth for Joyce to butt her nose into her son-in-law’s business. Why didn’t Joyce take up the sword to the promoter who dropped the ball on Kandi’s play?

RHOA-8-10-Joyce Jones-lg

Joyce Jones visits Phaedra Parks

Joyce went to see Phaedra at her ‘office’. They start off with pleasantries – sons, my husband is in prison etc. Then there was awkward silence editing. Joyce asks what happened between her and Kandi.

“We just had a misunderstanding, but we’re on the right track now,” Phaedra replied. Then in her confessional, “With Mama Joyce’s track record, I am not surprised that she is still in the pot stirring business.”

Phaedra then agrees to help plan Kandi’s baby shower, how convenient.

Phaedra met with Todd, and saw the completed video. She then stated she wasn’t going to release the video as she didn’t like it, or she didn’t like how she looked. But she did agree to pay him the balance she owed him. Phaedra also commented later about Todd’s size and his small pockets. Yet everything is ok between her and Kandi.

Patricia Moore-md

Patricia Moore, Kenya’s mother

Kenya Moore is in Detroit, Michigan and claims she wants to repair her dysfunctional relationship with her mother. Things were apparently so bad between her and her mother, that her aunt Lori, her mom’s sister, refused to give Kenya her mom’s phone number.

Kenya’s dad Ronald Grant and his wife, Kathy, made the trip also, along with Kenya’s secretary, Brandon, who arrived separately. Kenya and co, then boarded a bus with her family and friends, and headed to her mother’s house, where she went up to the door and knocked.

“It’s Kenya! I’m here by myself and I want to speak with you!” she said. At that point, someone inside the house turned the deadbolt to lock it. “I heard you lock the door! Open the door so that we can talk,” Kenya said.

RHOA-8-10-Kenya Moore-family

No one answered the door. Later at the ‘reunion’, Aunt Lori is nowhere to be found. Kenya wonders where she is.

Porsha is working out and her sister Lauren come to visit her. Porsha states that a recent problem with her sister, started as a package arrived for Porsha at her office and Lauren wasn’t there to receive it. Isn’t that what secretary’s are for?

RHOA-8-10-Lauren-Porsha Williams

Lauren & his sister Porsha Williams

“Unfortunately, since you’ve been pregnant, I can’t really depend on you,” Porsha claimed. Well duh, that’s what happens. Porsha also stated, Lauren was not going to work from home either. To which Lauren responded, “I’m going to work from wherever the hell I get my work done I don’t have to be here!” She then complained that when she travels with Porsha, she flies coach.

Lauren states that she is the only one that Porsha can trust, as she will not steal her money.

“I’m hearing it. I’m selfish. I’m self-absorbed. I’m not concerned about your personal life,” Porsha said.

“Until it affects you!” Lauren shouted back.

Later, Porsha goes and visits Lauren at home and brings her grocery store bought flowers, which Lauren mentions. Porsha finally admitted that she was a bit unnerved that Lauren didn’t tell her for a while, that she was pregnant, “I want to know why you didn’t feel the need to tell me [you were pregnant].”

Bottom line, Porsha is jealous her sister is pregnant, nothing is wrong with that, but at least treat her a little better, all this arguing cannot be healthy for her and the baby.

Lauren explained that she wasn’t sure how Porsha would feel about it since Porsha had wanted a baby and had a miscarriage. Plus she was single and nowhere near marriage and pregnancy any time soon.

Porsha claims she was ok with Lauren’s pregnancy, “I’m living the good life. Everything is going pretty well.” Right.

In Porsha’s confessional, Porsha states, “hearing Lauren tell me that she’s pregnant, I have to admit, it’s kind of like watching someone live your dream.”

Cynthia Bailey is talking to her teen daughter Noelle Robinson about her marriage, she asks for her advice, really Cynthia? Noelle precedes to let the world know her mother is a slob as she can actually see the floor in her mother’s closet. Cynthia is packing for a romantic getaway with Peter, he is planning the surprise.

“He just told me to bring a lot of sexy stuff and be ready to have a good time,” she told Noelle.

Kim Fields wasn’t missed. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Next week
Nene Leakes and her teeth make an appearance. Aunt Lori is upset with Kenya.

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