Real Housewives of Atlanta | Season 4, Episode 16

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Kim is cleaning up her home with the help of Sweetie and her father. Kim’s threats of firing Sweetie are getting louder and louder. Sweetie either had another gig lined up, because Kim went from being bff’s with her to being upset with her all the time.

Phaedra goes to a funeral home and she gets to practice on embalming a body. She enters the room and appeared to be surprised that there wasn’t a real dead body in the room, they would be practicing on a mannequin. Really Phaedra, you couldn’t honestly have been expecting a real body?

Peter is planning his and Cynthia’s anniversary party, it’s a secret sort of. He doesn’t want Cynthia to know anything about it as yet. But he wants to borrow $1,000 from her.

Kim talks to her stylist and states she is having issues with Sweetie, she mulls over firing Sweetie.

Greg picks up Bryson from jail. Greg decides he will try and speak some sense to him. Bryson states he will not make any more dumb decisions. While they are talking to Bryson, Nene flashes her low cleavage.

Peter and Cynthia both discuss that they don’t like limo’s. That’s not strange at all, sharing a dislike of an inanimate object. A friend of Peter’s is offering them a Bentley limo for the night of the party and he doesn’t want Malorie driving with them. The limo that Peter talked about didn’t even turn up when the day arrived.

Malorie and her mother arrive and visit Cynthia, and tell her they didn’t think the marriage would last a year. How nice of them. With family like this, who needs friends?

Nene: I live for exploring

Sheree arrives at the party and calls Kim to see where she was, Kim is not going to the party, because Cynthia was talking about her. Isn’t this what Kandi was talking about? Kim cancelling on some of their events? Sheree, Atlanta’s gossip queen informs Lawrence about what Marlo said. Marlo ushers Lawrence into a quiet room, Sheree tags along. Marlo denies using the f word. Her reason…

I did not want to lie. I wanted the opportunity to explain and to say sorry. But I couldn’t, because she [Sheree] was there, gloating, so eager to bring my mistake to light. I felt ambushed, backed into a corner. Her smiling face was so hateful, so cunning. What strikes me, is that her friend is not even her concern. In her enthusiasm to set me up, she actually delighted in causing him pain, by stating it was him I had directly talked about, when it was not. And as I watched her eyes sparkling with the taste of revenge, I chose to take her sense of schadenfreude away a little bit by denying what happened. I could not, in front of her, so thirsty to embarrass me, admit to my mistake.

Hmmmm, ok.

Peter who wanted to make sure there were no jeans or sneakers at his black tie anniversary party, whistled loudly to get everyone’s attention. Classy. Nene’s face when he did this was hilarious. He makes a toast.

Peter: We’re going to make a toast to friends and family and Malorie.

LOL! Why is everyone surprised? Malorie cannot stand Peter. Malorie talks smack all the time and then cries when Peter dishes it back to her. If you dish it make sure you can take it. Big baby. As I reported a few months ago, Marlo is not dating Charles Grant anymore, I’m glad, he looks like he strangles people. She brings her new date, Dave, who is white. Nene proclaims, white is right and finally admits that she is dating John Kolaj, we already knew that though.

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