Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 8, Episode 4 Recap “Rocky Boat Horror Story”

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On this episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, messy busy body, Kenya Moore visited neighbor Sheree Whitfield, who was sweeping her porch. Why? She doesn’t live there the house isn’t finished, but she’s sweeping. Sheree did not want Kenya to see inside the unfinished home, she stated the house had electricity and floors. By the way Sheree’s house is huge!

Porsha Williams goes shopping with southern cow belle Phaedra Parks they both stocked up on sexy goodies for their ‘men’, uninterested Duke Williams for Porsha and whoever Phaedra picks up off the street this time. Porsha was all glammed whored  up for her skype date with Duke who of course was a no show. Phaedra calls Porsha to lament.

“I’m putting in all this effort. I don’t even know if I should be doing this,” Porsha explained to Phaedra, who was quick to agree.

“If he is not building you up, honey, he’s like a dead weight around your neck. Everything runs its course.” says Phaedra Parks, relationship expert, very successful entertainment lawyer and marriage counselor.

4 months pregnant Kandi Burruss is visited by Cynthia Bailey for a conversation. Kandi revealed that she and husband Todd Tucker were considering opening a family restaurant. Kandi should be taking time to rest and relax instead her family is trying to kill her making her work hard for her dollars.

Cynthia warns Kandi that operating a business like that was very, very hard. Cynthia states throughout this conversation and the episode that her marriage is on the rocks and on it’s last legs.

“It’s just too hard. I’m going to bed every night by myself. His little side of the bed doesn’t ever have to be made up. I’m not going to be 50 sitting in a marriage and I’m not happy,” says Cynthia the runaway fiance.

Kandi tells Cynthia to not give up before trying again.

Poor sad, Kim Fields. Kim and her sons have a play date with Phaedra and her sons. Kim states that she doesn’t have many friends. Shocker! I didn’t want to mention this part as it was just plain nasty. Kim tells Phaedra that she doesn’t wear underwear, what? That’s nasty. That’s something you should keep to yourself, I can’t imagine what she leaves behind on her furniture let alone anywhere she sits outside of her house. Disgusting.

Kenya throws a weird bachelorette party ( or is that a vision of the future) for Cynthia on a boat as she is going through hardships now.

All the ladies are invited, Sheree included. Phaedra does not attend as one of her sons is sick. As the wonderful southern cow belle she is, she didn’t tell the host who invited, only her best friend Porsha. Cynthia, Kim ( who looks mighty uncomfortable in her own skin), Kandi, Porsha, Porsha’s friend Shamea, Sheree, and Cynthia’s friend Tammy, who just happened to be best friends with Sheree’s ex-husband, Bob Whitfield.

Yes Tammy said that when the reunion host claims to practice ‘Judaism’, good going Tammy.

Kenya starts things off with stating that even though Sheree had reason enough to go off on Kenya she didn’t. But she didn’t like Shamea’s attempt to shame her, as Kenya had water in her display items for her hair care launch party. The two get into it.

“I’m going to have the captain escort you off my boat. This is my party. If you want to take the shortcut, you can jump.”

Tammy then tries to corner Kandi and wants a meeting between Kandi and her son, an aspiring rapper. Awkward.

Lawks! While Kenya is ‘attempting’ to get the captain to turn ‘her’ boat around, Cynthia and Porsha get into it.

Kandi says go ahead with your best friend.

Porsha, yes go get your best friend, b*tch.

For some unknown reason, Cynthia didn’t like this particular, b*tch. The ladies have been b*tching it up all afternoon and it just so happens that Cynthia take offense to the word b*tch now? I do not call anyone in my circle b*tch. As they are not dogs. But Cynthia claims it’s a term of endearment. What stupidity.

Porsha of course doesn’t see the problem as they call each other b*tch all the time. Cynthia tipsy and pissed off with her husband places her frustration on the wrong person, Porsha.

Porsha tries to make things right with Cynthia, but that doesn’t work. Cynthia is already upset and not relenting acts like a grade A b*tch.

Next week, Porsha goes reunion season 7 and wants to scrap yet again. Porsha is pinned down and straddled by a member of the production crew, that looks like assault to me.

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