Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 8, Episode 7 Recap, “Violence Is Ok If Provoked”

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This episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, which aired on Sunday 20th December, left me slightly shocked.

Porsha Williams decided to play, Never Have I Ever, and Kim Fields was not amused as she learned Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Williams have both experiences golden showers. Porsha, who’s faux relationship with Duke Williams was over said, “considering that I haven’t heard from Duke in a while, I’m going to consider myself single.

The night continued with more drinking, dancing and booty shaking especially by Porsha.

Kandi Burruss stayed to the side with Kim who were the aunties watching the melee from afar.

For some unknown reason, Glen Rice Jr, Tammy’s nephew went over to talk to Kandi and Kim — and when he didn’t like their response he got a little snappy, he told Kandi he didn’t like the attitude she was giving him all evening. What?

Glen continued with his, according to Porsha, Phaedra, Sheree and Kim, ‘acceptable’ behavior but Kenya Moore was not having it. Kenya tells Tami she wants Glen to leave. Tammy was tipsy at this point.

Glen in the hot-tub tells his ‘friend’, “None of them hoes can tell me any f*cking thing. It’s gonna go down,” he added.

Tammy was seemingly escorting her nephew out the door, Kenya defended her decision as he was, ‘aggressive’. Glen responded by calling her a, “little b*tch.” He made a move towards her and security stepped in, not before Glen pushed his aunt out of the way, knocking her unconscious. Tammy was taken to the hospital.

All of ladies except Kandi, couldn’t understand what the problem was and would have been happy if Glen stayed, they all blamed Kenya for what happened. This is when I lost my mind. Sheree said, “This could all have been avoided if Kenya had minded her own business.That’s Tammy’s nephew. She could have handled it.” Tammy was drunk and knocked her out! What part of tiny little Tammy could handle that neanderthal.

Porsha, thought Kenya was “making it a little more than what it was.” Kim agreed with Porsha and thought Kenya had been reckless. “Shake a hornet’s nest and then be surprised when a whole bunch of hornets come out at you?”

Kandi thanked Kenya for stepping in and Cynthia said she felt responsible for the situation, as she introduced Tammy to the group. What Cynthia? That is not the time and no, it wasn’t your fault, it was Glens.

Phaedra Parks and Sheree talks about the fiasco. They brought up civil rights, Mike Brown who was killed by police. Phaedra claims she held hands with Mike Browns mother. They both talked about raising Black sons and of course put the blame on Kenya. How the cameramen kept the cameras steady as they talking about civil rights and Glen is beyond me.

Phaedra then accused Kenya of being “like any white woman in suburbia that becomes afraid.” Oh lawd.

Phaedra also stated that Glen “did not do anything” to deserve to be treated the way Kenya had treated him.

Tammy wasn’t terribly injured, she just had bruises. She later turned up at the hotel looking crazed, the girl from The Ring.

Porsha went on a date with Oliver, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Kenya and Kim met up for dinner, Kim jumped on the, “I hate Kenya bandwagon” stating that Kenya stirred the pot Kenya stated Kim left because she wanted to be home with her husband and children, although there is nothing wrong with that.

“I’m not going to be in a situation where I feel unsafe, most especially when it crosses a line. I mean, Tammy got hurt. I was there when Kandi and he were chatting and it didn’t seem like it had to happen that way. It seemed like you were manufacturing some drama.” Is Kim serious?

“He was acting in a threatening way. I protected myself and I protected anyone else who was there who could have really gotten hurt if this guy had stayed and kept drinking all night,” Kenya says in her confessional.

My mind was blown watching everything go down between Glen and the ladies. There is never any excuse for any human being the physically attack another human being for an opinion, no matter how rude. I couldn’t believe there are people saying, “Kenya antagonized him, she provoked him, or she was upset he wasn’t interested in her.” So that makes it alright? So if a woman provokes a man, by just breathing it’s ok for him to knock her lights out? Some of the ‘women’ and I use that term loosely need counseling, if you believe a woman who plays a character on a scripted reality tv show deserves to be stepped up to.

Glen knocked out his aunt, he probably would have killed Kenya if given the chance. But like some inbred fans of RHOA believe, if you don’t like a character, violence against men or women is ok, if a person is provoked.

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