Real Housewives Of Atlanta | Season 8, Episode 8 Recap

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On tonight’s 27th December Real Housewives Of Atlanta episode it, started out with a lot less drama with 30 second snippets of the cast members as intros. Kenya Moore tried online dating. Kim Fields Skyped her actress sister, Alexis Fields. Peter Thomas sent his wife, Cynthia Bailey flowers, she was not impressed, neither was I.

Kandi Burruss and her business manager the increasingly annoying DonJuan Clark went to a meeting with Demetria McKinney and her boyfriend Roger Bobb to discuss Kandi’s collaboration with Demetria on her new single, ‘Unnecessary Trouble,’ which Kandi also executive produced. The studio liked the duet of the ladies, so much that they wanted it to be the first single from Demetria’s album. The foursome discussed what would be involved in the video, DonJuan wanted to make sure his livelihood (Kandi) was going to be ok, as she is pregnant.

Phaedra Parks and her sons were visited by a friend of Apollo’s, Bun, who bought gifts for her sons, Ayden and Dylan. Bun made a comment that the children had their father’s good hair, then Phaedra said they got their hair from her. Ok Phaedra. Later Phaedra said she met Apollo as a teenager, but previously she said they met as adults after his prison stint. Which is it Phaedra?

Ayden started a private kindergarten school and Phaedra is emotional as she drives him to school. She is realizing the burden she is under, raising her sons without their father and her little boys growing up so quickly.

Kenya Moore works out with Marlo Hampton, albeit Marlo is not really working up a sweat with her 50lb weave, but Kenya tries nonetheless. One of Kenya’s acquaintances, Matt, joins them, who asks Kenya out for a date, which she agreed to. On their date, they play a sloppy game of basketball, “If I win, I get to be your boyfriend,” Matt challenges Kenya. Kenya of course wins.

Peter takes Cynthia out to a outdoor dinner in the park, to make up for those lousy flowers. A local artist joins them to draw them while they dine. Cynthia is a little bit more satisfied with his efforts.

It’s the night for the premiere of Demetria and Kandi’s music video premiere. Kim looked a mess. Kenya said Kim looked like “a confused prostitute at Disneyland.”

Before introducing the video, Kandi said she was glad to have been able to work with a friend with no drama, Phaedra took the bait and assumed she was talking to her, Kandi could very well be talking about Kim Zolciak who she actually worked with and cheated her out of money for, ‘Don’t Be Tardy‘. Kandi’s husband was the one who actually worked with Phaedra.

Phaedra approached Todd to set up a meeting with him to figure out what was still owed to him. Phaedra told Porsha about the drama between her Kandi and Todd.

DonJuan overheard the women talking about everything and decided to barg in. Phaedra kept quiet during his speech, Porsha told him they were not gossiping, but stating facts. Phaedra decided to leave and walks away. DonJuan followed them, yelling after Porsha, “Go get the man that left you!” Really Donna Juanita? How messy are you?

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Don’t Be Tardy I Dream Of Nene Kandi’s Wedding

Real Housewives of Atlanta Don’t Be Tardy I Dream of Nene Kandi’s Wedding

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