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Jewels Be Dangled

Phaedra meets with Kim and apologizes for what happened at the baby shower. Which I think was very noble. Both men behaved badly, but Phaedra stepped up to the plate and apologized. Kim seemed to appreciate their little chat.

Sheree visits the site where her chateau is going to be built. It’s a slow process. I wonder how much this is costing her.

Cynthia brings her sister Malorie to visit the location of Peter’s new restaurant Bar One. She leaves them to talk about the wedding certificate fiasco. Why did she leave? It was her wedding as well and would have affected her too. She should have stayed for the conversation unless she and Malorie had already spoken.

Kandi and Nene with Derek J go shoe shopping, since when was he friends with them? She  invites them both to her birthday party which she is planning herself. Kandi then takes Sheree and Phaedra to look at a party venue, at a nice restaurant with an open rooftop view. Phaedra says she plans to bring a special gift for Kandi, already I knew this was going to be something nuts. The party arrives and everyone is having fun then Phaedra’s gift ‘Redickulous’ pops out of a huge box, he starts his act. If this was me – recipient or guest I would have left immediately, I wouldn’t have watched and enjoyed the show, then left complaining.

All I can picture is Phaedra praying for her loved ones during the funeral and now this week she is entertaining men who can perform fellatio on themselves. How vulgar was that? Then back to church on the first day of the week Phae, right?! I just couldn’t imagine having my mother at a party where that favor is performed. Now I like Phaedra, so calm down her ‘gift’ is beyond inappropriate as a Southern ‘Christian’ Belle. This is  just for you Phaedra. Abstain from all appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22

It must be the said The Real Housewives of Atlanta have the most hottest husbands, sorry Mauricio. I’m not including their attitudes just their looks.
Peter Thomas, Apollo Nida and Kroy Biermann and I’m including Malorie’s husband too Christophe Massie. Yes!

What do you think?

Next week:
Whine Bar – Whining meets wining when investor problems put a damper on the preview party for Peter’s bar. Meanwhile, child-support dramas entangle Sheree; Kim addresses family issues; Kandi tries to make amends with Mama Joyce; and Cynthia hosts a fashion show.

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