Real Housewives of Atlanta | Sweetie Has Been Fired!

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The Zolciak’s have moved on up! Kim Zolciak found a new man and had a new baby boy recently and moved into a new home. Sweetie unfortunately has not transitioned with the family. Brielle Zolciak let it be known on formspring, a social networking site where you can ask questions anonymously that Sweetie Hughes, Kim’s former assistant has been fired!

Nene will be happy as the ‘slave’ has been ‘freed’. You remember how irate she got, stating that Kim didn’t speak to Sweetie with respect and treated her like a slave.


does sweetie live with you in your new house/what is your favorite iPhone app (I can’t think of any to buy!)
Brielle Zolciak hayyitsbriellee – umm shes firedd.

What did Sweetie do? I thought she and your Mom were great friends for over 11 years?
i dont really wanna talk about it and yeah her whole familys been close for 13 years.

sweetie isnt with you guys anyore?!

what happened to sweetie?
long storyy

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