Real Housewives of Atlanta| The Baby, The Date & The Lawyer

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Three Wigs & A Baby

Kim goes to her OB-GYN and she has been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, which is when hypertension arises in pregnancy. She is a nurse as she reminds us yet again, although she needed another nurse to inform her about a circumcision, because she is a nurse. She is going to be induced at 37 ½ weeks due to the pre-eclampsia, headaches and excess fluid in her stomach. Kim goes into labor and her children Brielle and Ariana arrive and see her. Finally Kim gives birth to 8lb Kroy Jagger Biermann. It was very uneventful to be honest.

Dr Hood: If she’s not cussing she’s not ready.

Cynthia goes to New York with Nene for business. She used to date Russell Simmons, after she moved to New York at aged 18 and decides to meet with him to talk about her new business venture, The Bailey Agency. Nene mentions her boyfriend John Kolaj Co-Founder and Executive Vice President and Chief of the Famiglia Pizzeria franchise , which Nene now owns a franchise at LAX, I wonder why not Hartsfield, unless Nene plans to move to L.A? Cynthia meets with Russell and they have a rushed conversation. They discuss their prior relationship, Russell states that he didn’t cheat on her. She claims he did. Is this important 2 marriages between them later? Russell laughs at her idea of her Bailey Agency,which is not a good sign.

Nene goes on a business dinner date with John. He presents her with a pen, to sign her first million dollar deal. Was is a Montblanc? If not, it wasn’t worth the box and bow. He is awkward and she laughs huskily. He moves the date outside and presents her with a pair of Christian Louboutins and a live pera singer, he explains the the singer hadn’t sung since a family tragedy years ago, but agreed to perform for his date with Nene. Does Nene look like a opera appreciating housewife? Wrong city, John, that would Sonja and the Real Housewives of New York. John apparently hadn’t been on a date since 1971, his awkwardness was screaming Screech from Saved By The Bell. He was laying it on way too thick, trying to rap and complimenting Nene by telling her that he couldn’t see her blushing! Good job John.

Kandi has decided to place her mother on a dating website and get’s her dolled up and takes pictures. Joyce’s makeup looked like it was applied with a spray gun.

Sheree shows her mom, Thelma where Chateau Sheree will be built. Her mother says it’s a nice location, that is strange as her mother owns the property and behaved like she had never seen the location before. Do they think we won’t find this out? They discuss the child support situation with Sheree’s ex, Bob. Thelma unfortunately had to take Sheree’s dad to court for child support. Sheree later receives a letter stating that Bob wants to lessen the child support that he hasn’t been paying for the past four years. She then makes her son Kairo a sandwich and gives him grapes of which he asks why. This must be the first time he has ever eaten grapes.

Phaedra the entertainment attorney defends a drug dealer. Where is the entertainment in that? He then hands over a wad of cash to her as payment outside the courthouse! Selling weed or what ever substance is very lucrative! I need that money tested for any substance, stat!

This episode went by pretty quickly for me, bar Nene’s date, that was snooze-worthy.

Tune in this Tuesday for a brand new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Bob’s cross eyes beat Phaedra in court!

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