Real Housewives of Atlanta: The Footballer & The Lawyer

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Law By Sheree

Sheree receives a notice that Bob Whitfield wants to modify his child support payments and pay less money than what he hasn’t been paying. Phaedra who is no fool says the litigation can take years. So she will have to start charging Sheree. I’m sure Sheree’s heart stopped at that news. But Phaedra said she will be fair. Phaedra’s retainer is $5,000.

Kandi invites 7th housewife Charles Grant and his now ex-fiance Marlo Hampton on her show Kandi Koated Nights for the “How To Get A Baller” segment. Kandi asked how did you go from Nene to Marlo? Kandi is a little trouble maker, Kandi’s only reason for inviting Charles (Marlo just came along for the ride apparently) was to ask about Nene. Sheree was married to an ath-a-lete, Nene’s pronounciation, why wasn’t she on the show?

Charles: Nene was never my woman

Kandi asks Marlo how she gained her money. Marlo answers god. Which god was that? Zeus? Marlo was rumored to have had a rich white sugar daddy. Is Atlanta the sugar daddy capital of the world? Phaedra also called Marlo a socialite? Phaedra must be mistaken she probably meant Marlo is a socialist.

Kim and Kroy bring home Kroy Junior. They bond with the children and introduce the baby to the dog (this reminds me of Cookie Frankel-Hoppy meeting Brynn Hoppy) and later Kim tries to instill the virtues of working hard to her eldest child, 14 year old Brielle, who apparently has to be told to do menial chores. Children of the housewives please refer to The Housewife Child of The Year – Victoria Wakile . Now I normally don’t tweet about the children but from the time Kim was dating Big Poppa, what work was Kim doing to show her daughter that hard work pays off? If you show your daughter that it’s ok to sleep with a married man who funds your lifestyle what do you think she is going to think about life and hard work? Kim states she cannot lift anything heavy that is understandable as she just had a baby, which leads to her housekeeper Sweetie washing her wigs. Are they heavy?

Brielle: Effort is spelled with an “A” mom #RHOA

Cynthia goes shopping with Nene at a vintage shop and divulges that she heard Kandi’s show and Kandi asked Charles about his relationship with Nene. Nene confirms he answered correctly.

Nene: Charles ain’t never gone get none of this Hello Kitty

Sheree goes to Phaedra’s to discuss her case, she pulls up in a new Porsche, now is that a leased car or bought out right? Why would Sheree buy a new car especially as she is trying to get Bob to pay support. If you make more than the person you are trying to take to court, they will look at your income, especially as Bob can and did file a motion to lower his payments. She also tries on some clothes, Phaedra tells her to put away her Dolce and wear cheaper clothes to court. Phaedra seems very obsessed with Sheree’s buttocks she mentioned it a few times and later when talking with Kandi.

Phaedra on the donkey booty: That thing is a monster.

Kandi has a meeting with an Oh Mi Bod representative for her new products in a bar. The people all around them are catching glances at the loud vibrations. Those vibrators sounded like deadly weapons and liable to give it’s users a hysterectomy.

Meanwhile back at Parks Law firm, Sheree has not paid Phaedra as yet. Parks employees were sent on a wild goose chase to pick up the check. The check finally arrives. Where is Sheree getting her money?

Sheree breaks down and most likely went through a tough time with the divorce and being a single mom. Her home looks like her daughters apartment, with barely any furniture. She calls her mom for support, who doesn’t answer.

In court Bob represents himself, and smirks when the judge announces it that he has filed a motion of contempt. Phaedra did not know anything about the motion. He contends that Sheree took furniture that was granted to him after the divorce, why didn’t he file sooner than four years after the fact? He then sticks his tongue out at Sheree when leaving court. Does Bob realize that his children are the one’s his money is supposed to be supporting, so dragging Sheree to court for nonsense is pointless and depriving his children of funds that will help in their upbringing, which just shows how much he has thought of his children for the past four years.

Later Kandi, Sheree and Phaedra talk about the case, Kandi and Sheree commiserate in tears, Sheree states Bob outsmarted a lawyer, Phaedra didn’t think that was true.

Next week is a super-sized episode 75 minutes!
Kim and her newly expanded family move into their dream mansion; tension grows between Sheree and Phaedra in the wake of a court battle; Kandi charts new musical territories; and Cynthia hosts a grand-opening party for her modeling school.

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