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Whine Bar

Kim has a chat with Brielle who thinks the family dynamic will change now that there is a baby on the way. She pokes her mom, in the stomach multiple times. Kroy and Kim visit her OBGYN and she wants a many drugs as possible, naturalist are dumba**es!

Bob Whitfield goes to meet Sheree and they appear to be playing ball for a few minutes. She asks to speak to him and asks him for child support. He hasn’t paid in 4 years. I am in two minds when child support issues occur, a lot of women take advantage of the money and use it for their own gain and not their children and on the other hand men when you make the children you need to pay for their well-being. Sheree threatens to take him to court he says go ahead. She weakly throws water on him. If you are going to throw a drink at anyone, take notes from Eric Williams, from Basketball Wives. He carefully threw that drink in his estranged wife’s face with such hard precision it left everyone stunned. I do not advocate violence may I add, but Sheree come on for someone who words out vigorously, that drink throw was unwarranted and pathetic. Didn’t Sheree get a settlement of over $775,000 and then bought an Aston Martin that was repossessed for not paying her lawyers fees? Sheree really isn’t good with money. Sheree visits Phaedra who is back to the law now, and states she will represent Sheree for free as Bob will be made to pay. Sheree sheds tears as she doesn’t want to put her children’s father in jail.

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Phaedra brings Kandi a peace offering of a cake for offending her mother. But I wonder if Phaedra would have thought about what she did if her mother Pastor Regina Bell was in attendance, there would be respect. Kandi goes to visit her mother Joyce and tries to get back in her good graces. I think the birthday stripper was a terrible idea, but it was not Kandi’s doing. Why are you upset with Kandi, how are you going to handle her sex toy business or is that ok because no one will be using the toys in front of you. Joyce wants to make it clear she is Kandi’s mother not her home-girl and they do not hangout like that. Really?

Cynthia’s mom and sister visit Cynthia and want to make sure that she isn’t giving her husband any money. “You said you never want to be broke again” cries her sisters. Cynthia foolishly tells them that he needs money. Why Cynthia feels the need to explain anything to her sister and mother is beyond me, she is not married to them! If Peter had money and Cynthia needed it, there would be no question that Peter would be expected to give it to her. The double standards are screaming equality in this episode. Mother and Malorie butt out! Peter still needs $40,000 as one of his investors checks had bounced. Cynthia later hosts a fashion show or rather she reads off cue cards. She looked fabulous but stumbles through the words and pronunciation. Practice makes perfect. Peter promises his wife he will not need her money, how romantic, that when the worse arrives, you don’t have to help.

Peter’s opening of Bar One is supposedly a success, there was no air conditioning and many women there were having a hair-tastrophe. Where did Peter get the $40,000 from that he needed? Friend of the housewives Marlo Hampton makes her debut and appears with Charles Grant her fiance who it was rumored Nene had an affair with. Charles stated they went out but he dropped off at the hotel at the end of the date as she was full of herself, had he not watched season 1-3 of the Atlanta Housewives? Peter unveils a huge picture of Cynthia sporting an afro she looked amazing! Nene was supposed to co host the event. She arrives very late at least 5 minutes until closing and breezes in ‘hellooooo’ just like Kelly’s ‘hiiiiiii’ she says hello to unimportant guests. She does not say hello to anyone except Kandi.

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