Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Game Night Gone Wild! – Recap 10/17

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Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills picks up at the most boring and childish game night in the world.

Kim and Kyle go head to head with Brandi as she accuses Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom, not the smartest or nicest thing to say, but I am certain it was her embarrassment of Kyle revealing she never scolded her 4 year old son for urinating on Adrienne’s lawn last week. Dana childishly hid and hugged Taylor while they argued. Kyle and Kim’s response to Brandi’s comment was way over the top and just plain childish and ridiculous. Brandi is not in the ‘circle‘ and the ladies obviously do not want her to be a part of their group anyway. But the way Kim and Kyle went crazy was because obviously Kim has a problem with something.

Brandi asks them not to talk about her children. Kim and Kyle both tell Brandi to “watch your mouth‘. Once Brandi makes the crystal meth comment both the Richards sisters curse like sailors. Brandi in her side interview tells us she knows that something is up with Kim. I guess the reunion won’t reveal all, you know how our ladies do.

If Kim is not on crystal meth, drunk or high. Why is she so upset? Kim and Brandi point fingers at each other like high school kids and Brandi smacks Kim’s finger out of the way and Taylor does her famous, “enough” line. The ladies disperse and leave the “party”. Dana asks Kim for Brandi’s crutches as she hid them. She doesn’t know where they are. Very childish, very high or drunk of Kim. Dana is the worst host ever!

Adrienne and Lisa who were not at game night, hear what happened from Kyle. Kyle of course tells a story of a witch Brandi verbally abusing both sisters. Kim laughs and says “what is crystal meth, is that something you put in your hybrid?” There is no way you do not know what crystal meth is Kyle.

Brandi has lunch with Taylor or rather she has lunch, Taylor orders a cappuccino. They discuss the worst game night ever. Taylor states that the crystal meth comment was a low blow which I agree with and Brandi states she does regret what she said but doesn’t know if they can get past everything or if she should apologize.

Kim goes on vacation with Kyle to their family home. Kim tells a story about being given a breath spray which was actually air deodorizer, Kim didn’t know until a week later after using the air deodorizer, she may as well have sucked on some moth balls. Do not tell me something is not wrong with Kim. Kim, Kyle and their elder sister Kathy Hilton used to own the house which was bequeathed to them by their mother. Kyle bought out both sisters. Kim wanted to buy back in and said she had her $20,000 ready. Kyle said no. So let me get this straight, this must be the house that Kim drunkardly stated that Maurico and Kyle stole from her. Also Kim was bought out for $20,000, she actually bought out $20,000 of her part of the house. $20,000! That house is worth much more than $60,000. Something is very shady with that deal. Even though the house was Kyle’s mother’s which a follower on twitter said probably was bought with Kim’s acting money. Something is very wrong here and of course is one of the reasons Kim suffers from anxiety as there are many unresolved issues with her and Kyle.

I believe Kim has the Michael Jackson syndrome – she didn’t have a childhood, was pimped out in this case, acting, worked her butt off for all of her childhood and her resume is extensive (so I am sure she is taking drugs or still drinking to deal with her issues). Most childhood stars have the most problems with dealing with life after.

Lisa and Pandora hire Kevin Lee, the high strung, bad plastic surgeried and hideous wig wearing wedding planner, who was the real-life inspiration for Martin Short’s ‘Franck’ character in the movie Father of the Bride, starring Steve Martin. The guest count is 180, Kevin thinks this is not enough. Is he paying for the wedding? Pandora wants a dress with pink accents, Kevin said no as does her mother. Again is Kevin paying for the wedding and it’s Pandora’s dress and wedding, it is her decision.

Lisa: What’s he going to give as party favors, give people a bag of money?

Lisa thinks $150,000 is a good budget for a Beverly Hills wedding. Is she new? $150k isn’t even good for a wood wedding, former Real Housewife of New Jersey Claudine ‘Dina’ Manzo’s Big Fat Fabulous Wedding on VH1 cost over a $1 million!

Camille invites Adrienne, Lisa, Brandi, Kyle, Taylor and Dana to hear her speak at a cancer charity luncheon. Camille was very nervous which was understandable. Go Camille, she did a good job. At the dinner table Brandi states out loud for everyone to hear “kids are off limits“. Lisa butts her big nose in and says loudly enough to Kyle, for everyone else to hear, “are you going to say anything?” Kyle and Brandi need to have lunch, this is ridiculous.

Kim and Adrienne go for a walk and talk about the game night. Is it in Adrienne’s contract to avoid all fights? The ladies never have an issue with her, must be the money or may be she is only combative with Paul. Kim tells Adrienne she has not forgotten what happened in the limo between her and Kyle, last season.

Next week
Adrienne hosts a spa get-together at her home, but it’s far from a bubbly affair when twisted sisters Kim and Kyle continue to steam over Brandi’s game night antics.

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