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Malibu Beach Party From Hell

Lisa and Pandora view prospective table settings for the wedding. I say the wedding as it is obviously Lisa’s wedding and not Pandora’s. I am not married or have a pushy mother, so I don’t know how this works. I assume as Pandora is getting married, she gets to pick what she wants for her day with obvious input when requested from mom and future mother in law Valerie Sabo. But this is the Lisa show and Pandora and Valerie are just along for the ride. Lisa is also planning the construction for her and Ken’s newest restaurant Sur.

Kyle accompanies Estella her mother in law, to her 6 week check up after her facelift and they talk plastic surgery with Paul. Kyle wishes that everyone would fight fair and not use fillers, botox and plastic surgery. Kyle seems to have forgotten she has had a nose job, so you my dear are out of the fair game. Later Kyle has a cinco de mayo party with friends that include the morally corrupt Faye Resnick and the cheetos chick Ali Landry. Estella debuts her new face which looks very tight and for the first time this season, Portia is not giggling, she looked disinterested in seeing grandma’s new face. Children and animals always sense when something is wrong.

We are shown a very short and very unnecessary clip of Kim, her laundry and a snack, why? Kim got paid for 1 minute of airtime. I need a job like that.

Brandi has lunch with Adrienne. Brandi is still trying to fit into the circle and this time comes up with the idea that she wants to have a wine-tasting complete with a belly dancer. Adrienne thinks this is a great idea, but is later anxious about the party. Kim will not be in attendance. On the way to the party Taylor admits to Kyle that Camille, has tried to apologize via text messages and Taylor will not respond. Why is Camille apologizing anyway? Saying that Taylor was abused out loud. Didn’t Taylor tell everyone in the group about her abuse, so what is the problem?

Who is Adrienne’s stylist? No comment.

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At the party Brandi wears a top that reveals her perky boobs and nipples as she is wearing no bra. Kyle as per usual snickers with the ladies about this. Why is this a problem? You have seen boobs before and there are no men there, they are so childish. Camille has posed naked! Hello! Are they jealous? They decide to shine a laser dot on her boobs like children do in a movie theater.

They dance with the belly-dancer, Kyle does the splits, again.

Taylor goes outside and obviously wants more attention. She at this point is very tipsy.

Dedra, Camille’s employee, tries to talk to Taylor. Why? I think Dedra had good intentions but trying to talk to Taylor is a waste of time. She is drunk and is still upset with Camille and anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear that Taylor is not firing on all cylinders and is one olive short of a pizza. She claims Camille put her in harms way by speaking about the abuse out loud. When shouldn’t the blame be on the alleged abuser or herself for staying in harms way? I am sure that if she needed to, she could stay with anyone of her rich friends. For weeks Brandi has been trying to get everyone to follower her bestie Jennifer Gimenez, Jennifer was at the party, some of you may remember her as the House Manager for the Sober House.

I like a little drama, but that was so unnecessary. I honestly believe these women cannot be friends. I have to wonder with friends like these who needs enemies. Kyle unless she is stupid or drunk herself, should have left earlier with Taylor and not allowed this mess to continue. Your “friend” is obviously intoxicated, upset and out of her mind. Get her sober and get her to a safe place. Which leads me to season 1. Kyle in the limo blasts Kim “you’re phony and being delusional and demented“, also “You are a liar … you are an alcoholic! Yeah, that’s right. I’ve said it now and everybody knows.” If your sister is in need of rehab, outing her on national television and in front of a friend, you have got to realize would do much more damage than good. Kim is an addict – whether alcoholic or drugs and instead of her sister trying to get her help, she thinks it’s a good idea to be on a reality show. Kim as of yesterday checked into rehab again, I hope she gets the help that she needs. Taylor goes on a scream and cry fest and this is very difficult to watch. Taylor cannot handle her liquor and whatever problems she is having is exacerbating the situation.

Brandi kicks Taylor out. Dedra was pushed out of the way and starts to cry. Everyone seems to be in disbelief that the oral-sex trying, drug accusing, non-bra wearing Brandi would kick anyone out of a party. Well yes, it’s not her house and who wants women who don’t really like you, at a party you’re hosting to continue fighting?

On the way home in the limo Taylor requests a cigarette as she is so stressed. Neither she nor Kyle smoke, or so we are lead to believe. Now unless they had seen or knew the driver smoked, which is unlikely and asked him for a cigarette. Where on earth were they going to get a cigarette in the middle of a road?

Taylor is allegedly getting pummeled by her husband and instead of getting her out of harms way, they get drunk, throw parties, talk about each other and get upset with Camille and laugh about Brandi’s nipples.

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