Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Otherwise Engaged – Recap

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Lisa invites everyone to Pandora’s engagement party. She also includes Taylor, but apparently, Mohamed Hadid who is hosting the party has previous issues with Russell Armstrong. Some of that fraud I keep hearing about keeps lingering. If Taylor is at the reunion, Bravo Andrew please ask Lisa and Taylor why Russell was not welcome at Mohamed’s house!

Lisa presents Pandora with a $68,000 heart-shaped diamond necklace by Michael Beaudry, which was partially made from a bracelet which Ken gave her when she was pregnant with Pandora. It was inscribed with “Remember one thing” which Lisa also told her children constantly, remember one thing – mommy loves you. Ken not to be outdone gives Jason, Pandora’s fiance a $21,700 Franck Muller watch. Nice! Lisa had given it to him, so he was passing it down to his future son-in-law.

Taylor is planning Kennedy’s 5th birthday party with 200 of her closest friends. Has this woman not learned anything?

Mauricio’s mother Estella decides to have a facelift which she does not need. Why these women swear by so much surgery is beyond me, they look tired, fake and plastic. Which is NOT good at all!

Russell and Taylor invite Kyle and Mauricio to dinner. Which had to be the dullest most uncomfortable dinner ever. Russell divulges some news from the tabloids and brings the article to the table, Danielle New Jersey style. He begins “I don’t mean to falsely accuse anyone…” If you didn’t mean to, you wouldn’t say it. I don’t as many of you did, find it strange to see Russell, he played a part in the series as he was married to Taylor. I am actually glad all his scenes were not left on the editing room floor.

Lisa Vanderpump
“Wow everybody thank’s horrible to be falsely accused,as if I would give lies to my friend who is an editor,makes us both look stupid. Also,you NEVER even see gossip about my own restaurants in mags,and we have SOOOO many stories to tell,always look who the story benefits.”

Lisa is friends with US Weekly’s editor-in-chief. Russell suggests he will talk to his litigator and force the magazine to reveal their source, has Russell ever heard of the 1st amendment? Lisa doesn’t appear to be someone who does or needs to flap her lips to a tabloid magazine. So accusing her without proof is just plain silly.

Kyle: I’m putting myself in your shoes and I’d be very upset but at least it’s a cute picture of you and Taylor

Mohameds house is decked out to the max for the party, including a camel outside. Most of the arriving guest almost jumped out of their skin when exiting their town cars upon seeing the camel. Didn’t they see the camel before they pulled up, camels are not small.

Kim is unable to make the party. She is shown with her boyfriend Ken, if he makes her happy, go for it. She met him at a mailbox. I want to meet my future baby daddy at a dumpster or under a bridge. Ken looks hardened and well worn. May be he has had a rough life too. Both Kim and Ken were sniffing, it was probably cold season.

Martin, Lisa and Ken’s friend brings a friend Dazza to the engagement party, who says calls her husband “Daddy”, I know of many women who call their husbands, “Daddy”. Taylor and Kyle are dying at this mess, did you see Kyle rolling her eyes. Dazza said isn’t that what you call your husband in bed, Adrienne asks how you say Hurry up in spanish, that would be, “darse prisa“, but what I think she meant was, “reducir la velocidad papá” slow down daddy! When women call their men daddy all I hear is LL Cool J’s Doin’ It Well. Kyle is very nimble showing her acrobatic skills with the gymnasts who were performing. Last season Camille was gyrating at a club and the women all looked down on her. Hmmmm.

Next Week:
Your Face or Mine? The reason for Kim’s bizarre behavior is at long last revealed during Paul’s night of beauty treatments. Elsewhere, it’s spirits in the material world when Kyle’s séance sheds light into the past and future. Kyle also uncovers Kim’s secrets.

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