Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Parties & Enemies

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The Great Divide

Kim continues her move into her married/separated lover’s home Ken and they are arranging furniture, how quaint. Taylor is throwing another birthday party for Kennedy. It was a cowboy-palooza. Mechanical bull, pony rides, fish tacos’s, magician, and a written song.

Kyle, Faye and Mauricio discuss the tea party. They all have their opinions about Taylor’s situation and Camille calling her out about the alleged abuse. Faye said the most sensible statements in regards to women not being able to leave the abuser and it baffle’s me how these women don’t know how most abused women behave and react around everybody. Taylor obviously is embarassed and scared if she was in fact being beaten by Russell.

Kim: I’m an Arabian horse rawrrrrr

May be that would explain the horse tranquilizers but I have never heard an Arabian horse screech like a cat.

Taylor is flustered as half of the children’s party furniture was missing, nothing was inflated and 250 people were invited. Why? When the chairs arrived she jumps on Jaime who was part of furniture crew, who I am sure was thinking why is this strange women jumping on me, that was a little much I think.

Ace Young, a contestant from American Idol, who I have never heard of, who’s hair needed a good wash sings a song for Kennedy which he wrote with Dana’s soon to be step-son Connor Flynn. The song probably would have been better recorded in a studio. Plus he was holding an alcoholic beverage in his hand held high while singing. What the hell?

The great surprise this year for Kennedy is a horse. A horse. She was allergic to last years dog. Where is that dog now? I don’t know how much that horse costs but it can cost up to $30,000 per year to maintain a horse. Where is that horse now? Animals and Armstrong’s don’t mix.

Dana: He’s more concerned with everyone seeing him as father of the year

Pandora is having a bachelorette party at Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Kyle says she is not happy about the Taylor and Camille situation and Adrienne respond she is not happy about Lisa’s choice in hotels while staying in Las Vegas! Why not at the Maloof’s hotel The Palms? Well Lisa did say she was offered from the owner, so why is Adrienne upset? Lisa, for someone who has money seems to really be holding the purse strings very tightly, she has only one daughter and this is supposed to be the only wedding she will ever have, why not splurge?

At the party Brandi hobbles over to Kim who was trying her hardest to not make eye contact with her prior. Brandi says helloa awkwardly to Kim who is not pleased to see her, according to Kim, Brandi does not exist, maybe it’s the meds that have her hallucinating.

This episode was strange as everyone is under the impression that Taylor is abused but is putting on a happy face most of the time and talks to everyone about her abuse, but is then surprised when they call her on what she is saying or alluding to. How can you pretend to be happy in an abusing relationship?

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