Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap | “Going Deep”

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6, Episode 8 | Aired 19th January 2016

Eileen brings up Lisa Vanderpump’s uncomfortable question session again, “What I got from you is that I somehow offended you by bringing it up.” Lisa’s responded. “I can’t do anything right, then, can I?”

Eileen then reveals that she was in an abusive relationship, she cries and Lisa V and Kyle comfort her. Lisa is unmoved, “It’s quite surprising to me that she’s sharing this so openly. If I turned around and said to her the other night, ‘Have you ever had the crap beaten out of you by a boyfriend?’ Oh my god, then I could see that maybe she would say, ‘I’m really upset about that.’ But mentioning a love affair with her husband? Eh, I’m not getting this,” Lisa says in her confessional.

On to Kim Richards again, Lisa R wants to blame herself for Kim’s downward spiral into tabloid hell, to the camera’s she says, “I feel somewhat responsible. Did I hand her a drink? Did I hand her a bottle of pills and say take them? Absolutely not. But I was Kim Richards’ worst nightmare, to be honest. Because I just was her mirror.” Ok Lisa.

During her confessional, Kyle says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, but continues to talk about it anyway. She later says, “Kathy and I don’t speak.” I wonder why?

Brandi Glanville is brought up again, Kyle tells Erica, “She did everything she could to hurt my relationship with my sister and she succeeded, is the worst part.” Really Kyle?

Then Lisa R says the best line of the night, “Her sister’s getting arrested right and left, and it’s gross. It’s affected me deeply.” Wait what?!

Kind social butterfly, Erika Girardi, uses her private plane to pick up Yolanda from Ohio after she has her implants removed. Yolanda also states that her husband David was great as he nursed her initially after the surgery and is a loving husband.

Yolanda also states, “That’s the worst part of it. When people think you’re crazy. Something was really wrong. There’s nothing worse than being an intelligent woman like me and people doubting what you’re saying, including your family and friends.”

The final cast member Kathryn Edward makes her appearance, they must have been on the fence about adding her as we are now on the eighth episode of the season.

Lisa Rinna says she is a good friend of hers and immediately brings up the fact the Kathryn was married to Marcus Allen who was friends with OJ Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Allegedly, Marcus’ affair with Nicole set OJ off, Marcus denied the affair. This happened in 1994, Lisa was messy for bringing that up. Kathryn is now married to Donnie Edwards, who she proudly states is younger than her, he’s 43. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick was the one who outed the rumor about Marcus and Nicole – who was her best friend, in her book. Hmmm.

Faye is shown with Kyle chit chatting it up.

Kyle says, “Faye wrote that Nicole had an affair with Marcus Allen while he was married to Kathryn, and that is what set O.J. off. However, Marcus Allen has always denied that. I don’t like talking about this this is really creepy.”

When Kyle asked Kathryn about Faye, Kathryn said, “I never met her,” in her confessional, “My feelings about Faye Resnick are not positive. She mentioned me in her book. I never read it, but in the book, she referenced me and said I was just some kind of ‘turn the blind eye, look the other way’ kind of wife. There’s a lot of things you can say about me. That is not one of them.”

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