Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap | Season 6, Episode 12

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On tonight’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills“Hearing Problems” Yolanda Foster, comes back with a vengeance.

RHOBH opens with Kathryn and husband Donnnie Edwards in their San Diego home.

The gang travels in Erika Girardi’s tour bus to Kathryn’s home. Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t think the home is overly grand, just comfortable. Eileen wants to know who told Yolanda about the gossip about Yolanda’s children not having Lyme disease. Erika finally admits it. The topic comes up about Lisa Rinna doesn’t eat much, Kim Richards told her to eat a piece of bread last season. Lisa wasn’t too happy. Kyle Richards is uncomfortable talking about it again.

In her confessional, Lisa R says, “Kim Richards is a an addict, she is a f*cking lunatic, she comes at you like a f*cking, like a f*cking rabid dog”.

Kathryn starts to give her 2 cents. Rightly so, Erika tells Kathryn neither of them weren’t there, but Kathryn feels as this is her house and she grew up with addiction she has a right to continue talking. Kyle leaves the table as she in uncomfortable. Lisa V goes to check on Kyle, mentioning that Lisa R threatening her sister, Kim, via text.

Kathryn brings up that her father committed suicide after battling addiction issues. Kyle comes back to the table and says she and her sister are working on their relationship so she can’t in good faith sit at the table and listen to everyone talk about Kim.

Scene segways – David Foster is kissing Yolanda after he thanks her for re-packing his bags as he’s off on another trip. Kyle is happy to be back home to her dog.

Ken and Lisa V visit Erika and Tom and go on a tour, just before they go for dinner on a double date. Tom talks about which words are offensive to the women at his office, one was b*tch and c*nt – words which Erika uses frequently. They talked about Yolanda. Tom tells his wife mid conversation, “Excuse me, Erika, this is me talking, not you,” as she interrupted him. Erika says this is normal, as he’s The Boss.

Kyle meets with former RHOBH cast member Adrienne Maloof, she reveals she is working on a skincare line with ex-husband Paul Nassif – what? This is the woman who claimed Paul beat her and their children and filed for multiple restraining orders against him!

Betty Draper-drinking wine

Really Adrienne? You accuse me of abuse to you or children – I’m not working with let alone looking at you.

The day of Erika’s hill billy party is here. Everyone arrives by limo including Yolanda – I am so tired of Yolanda’s – Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory pigtails. Why doesn’t she have her hair down or something? So Erika hired speedo clad men to hang out at the pool.

At the sit down, Yolanda says, “When you say that, you spoke in front of everybody, that I have ‘Hauschen-Mauchen’ whatever disease. In that moment, I laughed it off. I thought it was hysterical. I was like, ‘I don’t even know what that means — it’s not even in my vocabulary.’ When you left, when my nurse read me the definition of Munchausen disease, that was the biggest f*cking blow I’ve ever had in my life.”

Yolanda didn’t accept Lisa R’s apology, and completely lost it when Lisa V came to Lisa Rinna’s defense, “Why are you sitting here and even f*cking defending this conversation, Lisa? Why would you even sit here and defend that?”

Awkward segway – Donnie is sitting with Ken and says, “I’m not a fan, I’m a player. I love the competition. I love the action.” Production is so ridiculous – we have no idea what the conversation was about – or if Ken was even awake, it make Donnie seem like a complete airhead.

Erika asked Lisa R to tell her who brought up that Yolanda may have Munchausen. Lisa R wouldn’t tell her.

They all hugged it out. But we know hugs don’t mean a thing especially as there are many more episodes to come and a reunion to come. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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