Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap | Season 6, Episode 15

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Erika Girardi hosts a dinner at her Pasadena, California home so the women could meet her husband, Tom Girardi.

Lisa Rinna, Kathryn Edwards, and Lisa Vandepump arrived and Yolanda Foster canceled at the last minute.

Kathryn and Erika argue over Erika’s comments about Lisa Vanderpump. Kathryn obviously had too much to drink was loud, aggressive and told Erika’s husband to shush. Kathryn finally told everyone that she told Lisa what Erika had said to get a reaction. Immature much?

“I can’t believe the words that were coming out of this woman’s mouth. This is really rude. I would never come to someone’s home, meet someone’s husband for the first time and act like a f*ckin ass,” Erika said in her confessional.

Lisa R and Eileen Davidson went for a walk on the beach, Lisa R believes that Lisa and Kyle Richards are not innocent in the Munchausen’s syndrome conversation. She claimed they were sending pictures back and forth to each other, laughing, and talking. Lisa V was the one who encouraged Lisa R to talk to Yolanda about the claims.

“Lisa doesn’t do her own work. That’s a manipulation right there. I get it now. I’ve allowed myself to be used as a pawn,” Really Lisa? Really.

Gossiper #2 Lisa R tells Eileen that she has trust issues with Yolanda especially as she had lunch with Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards before canceling on Erika’s dinner. Stating that she can have dinner with Brandi and Lisa but canceled on her friend Erika’s dinner.

Kyle visited Yolanda and they discussed the email. Yolanda claims she felt attacked at the luncheon by Kyle and stated she sent everyone the email so there would be confusion or repeating incorrect info.

Erika was still upset about the dinner, “I have a hard time having a relationship with that woman [Vanderpump] because of you,” she told Kathryn. She scolded Kathryn for her obnoxious behavior and even pointed a finger in her face.

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