Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap | Season 6, Episode 7 “Pretty Messy”

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6, Episode 7 | Aired 12th Jan | Pretty Messy

The ladies are still in the Hamptons, they sit down for dinner, they start a conversation about some mutual friends who got divorced – which led up to Lisa grilling Eileen Davidson’s on her 3 marriages.

Lisa Rinna, ‘discovers’ Eirka Girardi’s music videos and says it’s too sexual and raunchy, mind you Lisa has posed for Playboy twice and her husband is a gay sugar daddy on Showtime’s Shameless. So now is not the time to pretend you’re a prude.

Meanwhile, with Yolanda recovering, husband David is helping her with her IV, she states, “this is not what you signed up.” Actually David did sign up for that, Yolanda, remember your vows, ‘in sickness and in health, until death do us part’? Lisa calls to check up on Yolanda and sends her flowers, which was nice.

Kyle arrives at Real Housewives Of New York star, Bethenny Frankel’s, she shows off her new Hamptons home which is actually quite nice. Bethenny asks about Kim, Kyle is much more comfortable with answering questions about Kim as they’re friends.

Kyle shows her pictures of Erika. Why? Bethenny retorts, “Holy sh*t she’s hot” and “She looks like a Playboy bunny.” Ok.

The rest of the ladies arrive. Erika saunters off to the toilet and the ladies talk about her.

During dinner, they all discuss Erika’s videos, as it’s so important. Lisa R leaves as she was sick. Bethenny states she needs to brand herself better as Bethenny is, ‘pretty good as marketing’. She said Erika’s video Painkillr was cheap, “The pacing was off, the branding was off, the aesthetic was trying too hard to be avant-garde.” She blamed the production. Bethenny then needs to have a word with the production crew on RHONY because the lighting is rarely ever in her favor.

Bethenny was discussing the video like her life depended on it. Now Erika’s profession is not my cup of tea – but I would have never treated her like how the women were. At least Erika has a job and most importantly her husband supports her and love her.

In response, Erika in her confessional said, “I would never treat anyone that way at my home, I wouldn’t understand why you would have someone over and then sh*t all over them,” never a truer word spoken Erika.

Erika then gives Bethenny lessons on how to be sexy, Bethenny rips her shorts.

In the morning, Eileen discusses with Lisa R, how Lisa V was grilling her about her marriage, she wasn’t happy with Lisa’s questions. Lisa V was unaware that she made Eileen uncomfortable.

Lisa V also questioned Erika about her husbands age and their life together, while they were on the way to see Kyle and company.

When they arrived, Eileen asks to speak to Lisa V privately. She let’s Lisa V know that she didn’t like her line of questions and her needs to keep asking. Lisa said, “If the questions were uncomfortable, you should have just told me,” Eileen agreed. Anyone with sense could see that Eileen was uncomfortable. Lisa V said she was very open, no she isn’t. No one really asks Lisa V any deep or personal questions, may be they should.

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