Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap | Season 6, Episode 9

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Lisa Vanderpump and her butler, Ken Todd are shopping at a sex store, how lovely. Apparently Ken has taken over the lease on the store and wants to turn it a restaurant, specifically an English Tavern, how classy. Lisa is a little upset that Ken didn’t ask for her permission to start another restaurant. Permission Lisa really? Lisa doesn’t want to start another restaurant as it’s too much work for her, Ken suggests that their son Max can take over the restaurant in 5 to 10 years, they barely mention him I thought they had given him away.

Kathryn Edwards is out with her dork of a husband Donnie Edwards, who proclaims: “golly my wife is fine”, really Egbert? Ok hon. They are out shopping for diamonds at their private jeweler. Kathryn and Donnie state that neither have to work again, as they have invested well, I hope so. The jewelry was awesome, I wanted those diamond studs, they’re too big, but heck yeah! So they didn’t buy anything, as they are renovating one of their homes, that was a wasted journey.

Kyle’s hair in her confessional looks so healthy and glossy. She is hosting a BBQ at her home, and invites all the ladies, including, her master Faye Resnick. Kyle visits at a furniture store when Faye is looking for ideas. Kyle tells her she has invited Kathryn Edwards to the party, Faye responds, “I’m not about ready to have a conversation with Kathryn or anyone else for that matter about something that was so painful for me.” Yet she posed for PLAYBOY and WROTE a book about everything! Ok honey.

Faye was Nicole Brown Simpson’s best friend, but blasted her friend after she was killed about her alleged affair with Marcus Allen, how dreadful. Morally Corupt.

Eileen and company are going to Italy to spread her sisters ashes, along for the ride is her sister’s daughter. Eileen scatters the ashes alone and she is emotional of course. It’s been a tough year for Eileen, after the deaths of her sister, her niece, husband Vincent’s cousin who was like a brother to him and Vincent’s father.

Lisa Rinna and Kathryn have brunch. Lisa is enamored with Kathryn’s natural lips, those are the lips she wished she had gotten instead of the monstrosity on her face. No Lisa R we will not forget your lips are a tragedy. Lisa lips looked fine before.

At Lisa V’s home, Kathryn arrives as they are driving together to Kyle’s BBQ. First, Lisa V asks if Kathryn was older or younger than her, really Lisa, you look older than her – she asks this to be nosy and also she wanted the better seat, mind you Kathryn is a guest. Lisa V then asked if Kathryn is married to someone younger. Lisa is married to someone older, but that’s not an issue. Ken is a sprite-ly 70 and Lisa is a hard 55, what is her hang up on age all of a sudden?

Comments on twitter: “Kyle Richards was praising how good of a friend Faye Resnick is, until you get killed and she writes a book!” DEAD!

At Kyle’s, Faye arrives first, Yolanda arrives looking busted well busted in Beverly Hills terms, Kyle and Faye are in luxurious gowns, Yolanda in a poncho and flip flops. Erika arrives dressed casually too and is Lisa R. Kyle is a fraud. Who invites people to a BBQ with no BBQ and there is also a dress code? Lisa R is shocked that Yolanda turned up, they question her about going natural, no makeup, no nail polish, hair dye etc. Kyle wanted to know why no nail polish, Yolanda already explained in her instagram posts. Lisa V seems to be exposing her bitterness more this season, and on the car drive to Kyle’s, Lisa V tells Kathryn that she (Lisa) is a man in a woman’s body, ok Lisa. Simmer down. Kathryn sees Faye and in her confessional notes that Faye in her book claims that Kathryn knew that her husband at the time, Marcus Allen, was having an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson but turned a blind eye to it all. Even is this was true, it’s still not something you’d want shouted from the rooftops, and how was this being respectful to the memory of her dead friend? Yolanda leaves after what appears to be 30 minutes to go back to bed. Why drive over to say hi, if you’re not going to stay Yo?

Kyle introduces Faye to Kathryn, what a mess. Kyle is a mess and thought the introduction was awkward. Hello, of course it’s going to be awkward. Camille Grammer arrives, oh this is great. If the witch Allison Dubois turns up this would be fantastic! Lisa V and Faye had issues from the Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville fallout – Lisa V took Brandi Glanville’s side, when Brandi had problems with Adrienne, blurting out that Adrienne used a surrogate for her twins. Faye felt that Lisa V was feeding infomation to Brandi and telling her what to say. Lisa V wished she was notified that Faye was attending the fake BBQ.

At the dinner table, the topic comes up again about Yolanda’s illness, Lisa R is very invested but still confused about Yolanda’s happy and sad posts on instagram. Again. Why? Kyle asks about Yolanda’s children Bella and Anwar’s lyme disease diagnosis, Lisa V says Mohamed says his children don’t have the disease. But she quickly stated she doesn’t want to come between Mohamed and Yolanda, too late. Kyle tries to press the issues, but Lisa V does not want to talk about it.

Erika asks Lisa R if her pregnant belly was showing when she did Playboy, she did it 6 months pregnant. Lisa R happy replies yes. Kyle then asks who has appeared in playboy, really Kyle? Lisa R, has done it twice, Camille did a lingerie shoot, Faye looks uncomfortable, as she posed nude after the OJ trial. Faye leaves the table, and now everyone wants to know what is the tension between Faye and Kathryn, like they didn’t know. Faye comes back to the table and Kathryn decides to say something, she is at this point, a little tipsy and amped up by the ladies at the table. Faye has nothing to say of course, except it, ‘was a hard time’. How could Faye not think there was something to talk about, and expect the woman not to confront her – she stated that someone’s husband was cheating with her best friend. Faye of course is cool, calm and collected, and Kathryn didn’t really confront her, when she had her opportunity.

Kyle then gives a weird speech about how wonderful Faye is, one of the best friends in the world, she is always there for her etc. WHAT?! Kyle laid on that garbage speech so thick, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t butter.

The reunion will be interesting.

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Vanderpump Rules

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