Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills | Season 6, Episode 11

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 6, Episode 11 | Aired 9th Feb

On tonight’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills“Please Welcome Erika Jayne!” Yolanda Foster, Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards try cryotherapy.

Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards join Yolanda Foster for a cryotherapy treatment, they both wimp and cry about how cold it was. Well duh it’s cold. Yolanda confronts Lisa and Kyle about the Munchausen’s conversation. Yolanda wants to know if they defended her. They did not. Lisa is tongue twisted,  can’t open up and is very uncomfortable about her part or lack thereof in the conversation. Yolanda proceeded to give Lisa her children’s medical documents, Lisa V did not want to take it.  Yolanda wasn’t having it.

Eileen and Kathryn have lunch. Eileen mentions she dated Kathryn’s first husband Marcus Allen in 1989-1999, Kathryn was also dating him at the same time – awkward.

The ladies drive up to San Diego for Erika’s performance and have some strange conversation about Eileen’s lack of fashionable expensive accessories, Kyle’s bag coast $3,000. Eilieen obviously couldn’t enjoy the bag as her husband would have flipped out over the price. Lisa V brings up the conversation with Yolanda.

Erika Girardi prepares for her performance at a gay club in San Diego, for “Pervert Night”. Erika’s alter ego, Erika Jayne, performs.

Lisa Rinna said before the show. “I think we’re gonna see a full-blown orgy,” but later enjoyed the performance, “I walked into Pervert Night, I saw Erika Jayne perform live. It’s fabulous. I can see why the gays love her.”

I wasn’t overly impressed by Erika’s performance.

Later in Erika’s suite, Lisa R, confronts Erika about the conversation she has had with Yolanda about her Lyme disease and her children’s diagnosis. Erika says, she didn’t say anything to Yolanda, telling a bold faced lie.

Everyone is upset with Erika, for not telling the truth. Wouldn’t it have been better not to basically call Yolanda a liar and an attention seeking madam?

So Lisa R brings up Munchausen’s to Kyle and Lisa V. Lisa V mentions that Bella and Anwar’s father Mohamed Hadid said the children are healthy, so the gang came to the conclusion that, Yolanda lied about the children’s diagnosis. Erika went back and told Yolanda everything.

What were your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Next week:
The ladies have brunch at Kathryn’s San Diego home, but emotions escalate when Kyle’s sister is mentioned and Kathryn reveals her painful past. Elsewhere, Eileen receives a makeover, and tempers spike at Erika’s sultry pool party. Adrienne Maloof also makes an appearance.

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Vanderpump Rules


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