Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills | Season 6, Episode 2 “Tuscany!” Recap

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Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump headed off to Italy for this episode of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. While Lisa was packing she was to bring a dress for Kyle for her to wear to her niece’s Nicki Hilton’s wedding in London. Why didn’t Kyle bring her own dress, did she not know of her plans?

Later Kyle announces she was ‘disinvited’ to her niece’s wedding. Because of issues with her sister, Kim. Apparently Kathy didn’t like how Kyle handled her daughter’s Alexa’s bite from Kim’s dog Kingsley.

“I’m no longer going to the wedding. I was told it would be better if I didn’t come to the wedding, so I’m not going,” Kyle said.

Two of her daughters have been invited to the wedding, as they were participating in the wedding and two were not. Mauricio was also not invited to the wedding? What kind of mess was that? Apparently no children were invited to the wedding. This was a hot mess. I know of many weddings that did not invite children, but that meant all children, not just some. The Hilton’s and the Richards’ are a strange bunch. When the Todd’s and Umansky’s were dining in Tuscany, Lisa spoke about the wedding invite fiasco, Kyle didn’t want to talk about it and neither did her daughters, but Lisa wanted clarification as we all did. Kyle later states that she is going as her invitation was extended, again.

“I spoke with Nicky, and my sister emailed me. I don’t want to miss her walking down the aisle,” Kyle said later.

“It’s nobody’s f*cking business,” Kyle said.

Sadly Kyle you made it our business when you shared your family’s mess on TV and social media. So naturally there are going to be questions to confusing situations.

Lisa revealed she is going to buy husband, Ken Todd, a miniature pony for his 70th birthday. Of course Lisa is.

Yolanda Foster was visited by Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna, she told them she had a two-foot-long parasite doctors found inside her, “I had a really extreme parasite infection. It was hell. They were, like, two feet long. It was awful.” Yuck!

The writing was on the wall, way before this. Yolanda’s husband, David Foster made a brief appearance while Yolanda underwent a medical procedure, Yolanda sadly asked, “Aren’t you happy you married me?” David responded, “Thrilled,” as he walked out the door.

Kyle had a new theory/diagnosis for Yolanda, depression. Kyle states she experienced similar symptoms after her mother passed away. “They told me I had arthritis, they told me I had allergies, they told me I had Epstein-Barr. I thought I was dying for two years. It hurt me physically. I was physically in pain. I remember seeing a commercial, and it said something like ‘Depression hurts.'”

Interesting. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Next week
Kyle receives bad news about Kim after returning from her European vacation. Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump jet off to find a perfect mini-horse for a birthday present. Eileen tries to juggle motherhood and her career. Ken’s birthday bash is held.

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