Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap | Yolanda’s Marriage Problems, Munchausen Syndrome

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On tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Tuesday 22nd December, Yolanda admitted that her marriage was suffering due to her illness.

“We’re either gonna all get through it together, or we’re not.”

David and Yolanda spent time in David’s native Canada to “reconnect our souls in the core of our love.” David was obviously frustrated with Yolanda’s inability to thoroughly enjoy the trip, which Yolanda admitted was a problem.

“The minute I got married I got sick. Obviously, it has been very taxing on my relationship. David gets impatient and he’s allowed to get impatient. It’s a tough deal for him as well. We used to do everything together. That is over. It’s life, and we’re either gonna all get through it together, or we’re not.”

Yolanda and David announced their split on the 1st December, which coincidentally was the premiere date of season 6 of RHOBH.

Later, Erica and her husband Thomas Girardi visit David and Yolanda Foster. David is going to play for singer Andrea Bocelli, David suggests that Erika Jayne perform for the Pope. Was he high during that suggestion?

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna accused Yolanda of faking her illness, “I just wanna know why the pictures? What’s her message? What does she want, what does she need? It’s something that people could create if they might not be sick. They make themselves sick,” Lisa R asked Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, before reading the symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome.

  • David & Yolanda Foster on holiday in Canada

Lisa Vanderpump said, “To get involved in gossip about Yolanda’s illness. There’s no upside into getting involved in this conversation,” in her confessional.

Lisa R also mentioned Kim Richards’ and her appearance in Sy-Fy’s Sharknado 3: “She said I was phony. I don’t know, I thought I was supportive, but whatever. Maybe she’s embarrassed of the fact that she did Sharknado 3. I mean, really.”

Kyle response in her confessional: “A lot of people blame Kim’s battle with addiction on her being a child actor, but I disagree. I think people are just born who they are. I think you’re either predisposed to be troubled and have these issues or not.”

A friend of Lisa’s brought her a gift, for her husband Todd’s 70th birthday, two tiny horses! Lisa said, then coming for Adrienne Maloof, “They belong to us, they’re part of our family. I just need a couple of pairs of Maloof Hoofs and we’ll be good to go.”

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Next Week
Yolanda’s friend intrigues the ladies with her short skirt and flashy ring. Lisa pays an emergency visit to the veterinarian’s office, a comment about Yolanda’s illness creates drama and Yolanda gives startling news to her children.

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