Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Shoeless & The Adultery Hall of Shame

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Adrienne’s Fashion Show

Taylor, Kyle and Brandi were supposed to go for a mani-pedi together, Taylor cancelled so it gave Kyle and Brandi a chance to ‘bond’. Brandi suggests to Kyle that she wants to set up a get together with the ladies and wants to invite a porn star to show them how to give them better oral sex to their men. Brandi you’re on the wrong set, that would be studio 3 on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, that cast would be a better fit for you, you Kandi and Phaedra would make great friends. Plus all the women have men except you. Clearly, fellatio doesn’t keep a man from cheating or staying with you. Brandi was married for 8 years and together for 13 years, to the adulterer Z list actor Eddie Cibrian who married his mistress Leann Rimes. Kyle was understandably sympathetic to Brandi’s pain.

There was a scene with Taylor and Russell’s marriage counseling which was very eerie and sad to watch. It was nice at least to see Russell and Taylor trying to salvage their marriage. Although Russell had to leave early for an appointment which gave me the impression that counseling was not a priority for him that day. The Armstrongs both attend Adrienne’s event, shocking as Russell hasn’t been hanging out with the gang this season, he gives Taylor a pep talk about Camille’s ‘treachery’. I believe Taylor has been telling everyone about her marital issues, then when Camille got tired of her flip-flopping around with the issue and many confusing messages she called her out on it. Now she gives Russell the impression that Camille is not a friend. Taylor, Camille is a good friend, remember that.

Adrienne pulls Lisa to the side once she arrived to Adrienne’s as her feelings were hurt, that Pandora’s engagement party was being held at the Hard Rock and not at The Palms. Why was Adrienne so was hurt and felt the need to address this now at her shoe unveiling. First of all the party is Pandora’s not Lisa’s and I am very sure that if Pandora wanted her party at The Palms, it would have been at The Palms.

Adrienne has a fashion show for her shoes, the majority of the models had on long evening gowns and not one Maloof Hoof shoe was shown at the show. Adrienne didn’t want to be so obvious. Next time have the models walk barefoot

Taylor accidentally bumps into Camille finally outside the bathroom and said “I didn’t know you were in there”, why would she know Camille was in the lavatory and why was that important. Was she hiding from Camille? Taylor’s marriage therapist was right, Taylor is immature.


Next week
Brandi’s beach bash in Malibu sinks when Taylor and Camille clash.

I meant to blog about this before, as this topic popped up a few weeks ago on twitter, but since two of our ladies have been affected by this, here you go.

The Adultery Hall of Shame

  1. Arnold Schwarzneggar – Cheated on his lovely wife Maria Shriver with the hired help which culminated in a son which was kept hidden from Maria for years. To make matters worse the maid continued to work in the household for over 10 years!
  2. John Edwards – Cheated on his cancer ridden wife Elizabeth Edwards, with Rielle Hunter the mistress had a baby, which he denied was his. He promised the mistress that after his wife died, he would marry her in a rooftop ceremony in New York with an appearance by the Dave Matthews Band. He allegedly used campaign money for his trysts with Rielle. Cate Edwards their daughter banned Rielle from her wedding this year, I would have banned John too.
  3. Kelsey Grammer – Left to be in a play in New York and suggested his wife Camille Grammer participate in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before joining him in New York. He cheats on her, get’s the mistress pregnant, she later loses the baby and they get married. Kelsey later says the reality show was a parting gift for Camille. That parting gift statement has got to be evidence of his relapse back to drug usage and alcoholism.
  4. Brad Pitt – Cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie his co-star in Mr & Mrs Smith and lied about it. Then breeds a gaggle of children with her. Going to third world countries and doing good deeds, doesn’t make your adultery disappear Pittsy.
  5. Eddie Cibrian – Cheated on his wife Brandi Glanville while acting on a lifetime movie with Leann Rimes, she was married at the time. A double affair, classy.

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