Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Tempest In A Tea Party – Recap

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What a jarring and painful episode this was to watch.

Kim has found a man she loves who not only looks shady he is separated from his wife and his dating profile is still up on He is wearing a promise/trust band that Kim bought him. Kyle is visibly upset at meeting him. Kim’s kids have told Kyle that Ken is controlling.

Adrienne and her employee husband Paul, go out for dinner. Only the Bickerson’s can turn a lovely time out into something sad to watch, with them bickering over dinner choices. The conversation turns to Taylor and her consistent crying, Adrienne let’s it slide that Russell has been hitting her. But Adrienne is conflicted as it appears that Taylor is sweeping it under the rug. Many abused women do not leave the abuser because of fear. Something I don’t understand, but this has happened many times.

Kyle talks to her husband about Kim. Kyle wants Kim to get married again. Kim should not get married again, marriage isn’t a joke and until Kim gets the help she needs she just needs to see a doctor and not get a 3rd ex-husband.

Taylor has been nominated for an award with the LA Business Journal as she is the Chief  Creative Director for an online company Beauty Ticket. She did not invite Lisa to the event. I don’t know why anyone was surprised, Lisa has made it known that she is not best friends with Taylor, plus Russell and Taylor think Lisa is leaking info to the press. Kyle “mistakenly” calls Lisa for directions to the event while walking around at the location. Why not call Taylor? So Lisa didn’t know, but the camera crew and producer did. Right. Kyle tells Dana/Pam, Camile and Adrienne about her faux pas and they are aghast with surprise! Taylor unfortunately did not win the award. Adrienne asks Kyle if Lisa made a sarcastic comment when she knew she wasn’t invited, why? Dana/Pam thinks Taylor did the right thing. Pam is no authority on wrong or right <– label dropping and butt kissing at it’s best.

Taylor is hosting a very lady like tea party, I haven’t had a tea party since I was 4 with my dolls. You know something is going to go down. Russell had previsouly sent an email to Kyle, Camille and Lisa about an article that Taylor is taking diet pills? WHY!?

Taylor: It’s nice to know that she has been eating, even if it is only diet pills.

Russell was one weird man. Even if the ladies were leaking info, why email them, slap them with a lawsuit! Lisa straight out the bag let’s it known she was upset that she wasn’t invited to the luncheon. Taylor goes off! She is crying, finally airing all her grievances with Lisa.

  1. You always start off, I’m not your friend
  2. You never let me or Camille finish a sentence
  3. Talking about me behind my back
  4. Everyone is afraid to confront you
  5. Stop stirring the pot
  6. I’ve tried to make you my friend
  7. I’ve kissed your a**
  8. I’ll never be good enough for you

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Taylor would not allow Lisa to interject at all. No one stood up for Taylor, I felt sorry for her. No said anything to back up Lisa or Taylor. Taylor was a bloody wreck and a mess and obviously had a lot of pent up feeling about Lisa.

Taylor: If you can’t be my friend, just please don’t be my enemy. Because my life is tough enough as it is. Please!

The ladies said not one word during this whole segment, not one word! If you hear or see your friends arguing, good friends try to diffuse the situation, by trying to bring the argument and the tears to a halt. Taylor is obviously going through more than they know. I like Lisa, but she should have been more sympathetic and less harsh. Taylor has finally broken down, plus Taylor has obviously told Lisa intimate details of her problems as Lisa offered her asylum at her home.

Camille: She seemed like she was on a mission and she was angry at Lisa, so she going in for the kill.

This argument seemed to go on forever. I cannot believe no one else said a word!!? Taylor ‘attempts’ to leave and walks to the gate and meets Paul who is locked out. They have a conversation through the bars he then gives her a impromptu surgical consultation. Taylor does not need any more botox, plastic surgery or anything. Just eat and get some help.Taylor obviously is having major problems elsewhere so she is taking out her frustration at Lisa. The whole conversation through the bars was ridiculous.

The ladies skirt around the issues about Taylor’s abuse, while she is outside. Camille is straight to the point and doesn’t understand how her husband is leaving her and then she jumps on a G4 with him for a trip. First how could they afford a private plane.

They continue to skirt around the abuse allegations. Camille thinks this an intervention, no it was not. An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by one, or often many, people (usually family and friends) to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction or some kind of traumatic event or crisis, or other serious problem. This was far from it, but Taylor crying and screaming for help and the ladies not helping the situation at all.

 Camille: We have all protected you. We don’t say that he hits you. We don’t say that he broke your jaw or that he beat you up. But now we said it.

This was tough episode and knowing what we now know, what more is there to say about an alleged battered woman or a man who was in need of help and a jail cell. Too real for words.

Next week: The Great Divide
Friendships are reevaluated and bitter tension is at a simmer in the wake of Lisa’s tea party. As conflict is put on the back burner, Taylor puts her focus on throwing a flashy birthday bash for her daughter.

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