Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | The Opposite of Relaxation – Recap 10/24

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Lisa is giving cooking lessons to Adrienne who does not know how to cook, why didn’t her chef teach her? Bernie the chef is in the corner hiding and watching everything, especially as he doesn’t like Lisa and Jiggy. How is it possible a woman in 2011 cannot cook or clean a chicken. Adrienne uses hand soap to clean the chicken. Is she serious!?

Kyle, Dana and Taylor have a play date for their children. The conversation went to Brandi. Taylor divulges that Brandi calls herself names as she wants to beat people to the punch as they normally call her names first. Brandi obviously is insecure especially meeting a new group of mean girls, plus what her idiot of an ex douche did to her.

Lisa’s friend Mohamed and his girlfriend Julia wants to throw a bridal party for Pandora.

Adrienne throws a spa day at her house, complete with 3 masseuses, 2 anesthetists and with state of the art spa equipment, including a $40,000 piece of facial machine and a spray tan booth, which makes my upcoming spa appointment look like a dip in a dirty pond.

Kim of course was late for the spa date and was all over the place as per usual. Kim and Kyle go downstairs and hit the trampoline. Kim has too much fun and does not want to stop. That missing childhood will have you wanting to re-live it way into your 40s.

Brandi arrives later than everyone else.

Of course Kyle and Kim are not happy that Brandi was invited. Adrienne informs Kyle that Brandi wants to apologize to her, Kim is aghast. So Kim wants to keep a grudge and hate Brandi for a comment that isn’t true, forever?

Adrienne suggest that Brandi apologize to Kyle. I have no interesting comments on Dana, so I will just mention her name.

Lisa and Camille talk, it was nice to see them talking and sharing. Camille wants a therapist for her children as they are taking the divorce from her ex-frog badly.

Kim: Purrr-rona

Kim’s version of the aquatic fish piranha.

Brandi tries to apologize and Kyle again pretends to not know what crystal meth was, crystal methadone? But you know what methadone is don’t you Kyle. Brandi was wrong in accusing Kim of taking crystal meth. My observation shows me that Kim is either on something or detoxing off something. Both Kyle and Brandi both want to enforce who started the fight first, does it matter who started it? Squash the mess and let it go. Both Adrienne and Taylor were trying to be good friends. Lisa was just butting her big nose in it. Brandi felt that Kyle attacked her children when Kyle mentioned that her son urinated on the grass. Brandi, Kyle didn’t attack your children she attacked you and your parental skills. If your child urinates on a hosts grass you apologize to the host and talk to your son about it.

Kyle in turn, is acting very childish. Kim’s behavior I can understand she is not in all her right faculties.

Brandi tries to apologize to Kyle and

Adrienne is trying to be devil’s advocate and informs Kim, that Brandi wants to apologize to her too. Kim doesn’t not want that. She wants to hold the grudge forever, which is very indicative of 5th grade behavior and a drug user. Kim feels betrayed as she has defended Kyle’s back, if yelling that your sister “stole your house“, is defending her, then yes, you did defend Kyle last season.

Lisa had absolutely no part in this conversation.

How is it possible that the women cannot see something is wrong with Kim. She is erratic, jumpy and weird. Either she is the best actress for the purposes of the show or they are ALL on drugs. If Kim is on drugs, she doesn’t own anyone an explanation except her nostrils, veins and God and if she is or isn’t, Brandi owes her an apology as it isn’t any of Brandi’s business, if Kim wants to slowly kill herself, that is her and her sponsors business.

Next week
“Otherwise Engaged” – The ladies step right up for Lisa’s daughter’s engagement party—a three-ring social extravaganza that features circus performers, camels and snakes. Yet Kim is a no-show, as she’s busy keeping a secret from sister Kyle.

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