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Taylor and Lisa have lunch, by themselves, yes I too am wondering if editing missed 20 episodes or so. Just 2 weeks ago, Taylor went ape on Lisa for not being her friend. Taylor states she does not remember what happened last episode at Brandi’s party as she was drunk, but then goes into detail about what happened. Taylor was beyond drunk, she was sloshed!

Team NipplesBrandi, Camille and Dedra are at Camille’s talking about the the belly dancing, Kyle does the splits – party from hell part 2.

Adrienne and Paul are guests on the daytime show The Doctors to give info on how couples who are busy, manage to stay in shape. My guess is bickering burns at least 150 calories an hour and resentment burns 50 calories per hour. They bicker all the way to the studio, about who drives better, etc,. Paul states he did not have breakfast, not good doc. Adrienne thinks Paul is controlling. Think about that last sentence. Adrienne obviously doesn’t know what the meaning of controlling is. Adrienne wouldn’t say who is more successful – Paul or herself. I’m sure Adrienne thinks the bigger the bankroll the more successful you are.

Lisa and Pandora go wedding dress shopping. The first dress looked like Pandora was standing in a rose bush and the second wasn’t very nice either and looked like Scarlett O’Hara’s drapes, the third one was a little better. Poor little Jiggy was knocked out, the little ball of fur is growing on me. Then they are off to Las Vegas for the stripping and chipmunk festivities. Lisa and Taylor were front row at the Chippendales show. Taylor thought she was watching a scary movie and screamed all the way through and gave a lackluster dance on stage, while the eldest in the group, Lisa put her to shame with her grinding. How much time has elapsed since the Taylor tea-time break down, as she and Lisa are now joined at the hip!

Adrienne is also going to be in Las Vegas for a girls weekend – she has invited Brandi, Dana, Camille, Dedra and Kim who again is unable to come to the event – she is still moving, this must be the longest move in history, and her neck is hurting her. It wouldn’t be a real housewives episode until Dana mentions something expensive, in this case – a necklace and pendant which consists of 125 perfect diamonds which is for sale for $1 million, it’s a lollipop holder. Dana said it was for sale, so she probably has it on loan. Why Dana has to mention the price and name tags of her belongings is beyond me – desperado. They later go dancing and Camille brings out her season 1 move and dances and grinds with Brandi.

 Kyle and Faye go shopping for her white party which happens in next weeks episode, where Taylor and Russell are banned after threatening to sue Camille. Faye looks for a mezuzah to ward off evil, Faye you will need much more than that, you will need the Marines & Navy Seals. Faye and Kyle end up breaking a chandelier. She is also unable to attend Pandora’s bachelorette party as she is shooting the cover of her book “Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real with the Housewife Who Does It All” which will be released on December 27, 2011. During the shoot, Kyle requires some support from her sister Kim so she calls her, Kim’s voice-mail message states she has lost all contacts, so leave name, number and time of call, doesn’t the voice-mail automatically give you this info a part from the name? Kim doesn’t answer. Kyle calls again. Still no answer. Kyle, Kim doesn’t want to speak to you or she has lost her phone.

Kyle goes shopping with her mother in law Estella at her sister’s Kathy Hilton’s consignment store and she happens to bump into Kim next door? Really? How small is that town? Kim doesn’t want to speak in front of Estella, that is weird, why not? She wants to speak to Kyle alone. Kim starts moaning that her daughter’s don’t like her relationship with Ken. Kim starts to cry as she doesn’t want to lose her kids over the relationship. Kim’s daughter’s Brooke and Kimberly think she is not paying them enough attention. She claims they do not like anyone she dates. She cries uncontrollably. I’m not sure if this is the addict talking or someone who is hurting, or both. If Kim is sane enough to choose a sane partner, what does it matter what her children think as long as he is treating her well and she doesn’t neglect her children? Kim then states, he is the boss and it’s his way or the highway. So it appears she is not happy after all. Let’s recap, no one not even Kim is happy she is with Ken. Kyle states that Kim should not date everyone that is nice to her, insinuating that Kim has self esteem issues.

Next week:
Russell wants to sue Camille, for speaking out loud information that Taylor has told her “small” circle of friends. They they try to attend a party and think there will be no consequences.

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