Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | White Lies – Recap

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This is going to be a short one, as the focus of the episode was all about the white party and refusing the Armstrong’s entrance to the party.

Camille calls Adrienne and informs her that Russell wants to sue Camille because of the lies she is spreading, then shouldn’t he sue Taylor as she is the source of the “lies”. Adrienne and Paul discuss this and for once the Bickerson’s actually take a stand and state the obvious Camille was only repeating what Taylor has been telling everyone. Paul suggests that Russell and Taylor shouldn’t go to the party. Was Camille right? Probably not, but Camille has had enough, something didn’t make sense in the stories she has been hearing from Taylor. Adrienne calls Kyle and informs her of the mess, Kyle said she was going to try and get in touch with Taylor.

Lisa and Pandora listen to a potential band for the wedding. The band sounds good.

Kim and her daughters have lunch and they notice she is wearing a ring on her wedding finger, Kim says it’s a promise ring. Promise rings are for teenagers and young women who can’t get their boyfriends to marry them. Kim arrives with Ken to the party and she coughs in Lisa’s face to show Lisa she is sick. It’s pointless to write about Kim as she is a sick woman.

Kim: I don’t care about Brandi

You care enough to try and argue with her in public, Kim. Like a teenage bully, Kim declares she will break Brandi’s other leg if Brandi approaches her. So Kim approaches the 10 foot tall Brandi and decides to take her on. Kim is childish and appears inebriated. She doesn’t want to accept Brandi’s apology. She has never liked Brandi and wants to stand her shaky ground. Kim would lose a fight as Brandi’s nipples alone could handle Kim and her mess. Instead of being a sensible boyfriend and removing her from that environment, Ken stands by and listens to Kim spew garbage. Kyle then breaks up the argument. Kim states that her daughter also has something to say to Brandi as well. What the hell!

Russell: Now that I’m a good boy again, for the first time

Taylor: Now that you’re a good boy we can have fun


Through editing we show the happy for now Armstrong’s delightfully cooing over themselves and appearing happy. Taylor is wearing a pair of Basketball Wives earrings. While back at the white party Kyle and the gang gather around to discuss what has happened – the emails being sent from Russell to the ladies and what will be done when the Armstrong’s arrive. The normally neutral Adrienne and Paul are adamant that Taylor knew about the emails being sent.

Dana desperately wanting to join the alpha team and to try and stay unsuccessfully relevant discusses boob sizes with Kim.

We can assume Kyle was unable to reach Taylor by either telephone, twitter, email, text, telegram, skype, pony express or smoke signals. Why o why didn’t Kyle call Taylor and tell her not to come, she waits until they are on their doorstep to embarrass them?! Something is not right about that. Then cut to episode 1 everyone is upset that Russell committed suicide? There is a whole lot of this season on the cutting room floor and goodness knows what else. The whole group comes outside and confronts Russell. That scene made me sick. That ambush was disgusting.

Kyle is a blithering, crying mess and is upset, as she tells Taylor she cannot come into the party as there is a threat of a lawsuit with Camille and goodness knows who else. She and Russell attempt to leave with their pride intact and teary eyed Kyle runs after them and is sorry.

Taylor: She repeated an exaggerated version of what I told her.

Russell makes the most important statement of the night. “She got very carried very, if she truly said what I was told she said.” Adrienne defends Camille and states that Camille did not get carried away. Russell wants to leave and Kyle runs back into her house.


  1. Taylor knew about the email
  2. The Armstrong’s knew they were going to be turned away
  3. There is no way on this earth that Kyle was unable to reach Taylor
  4. The ambush was planned and a mess

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