Real Housewives of New Jersey | Reunion Part 1 – 10/16

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There is no surprise, that when the housewives come together for a reunion, you can guarantee you will be left scratching your head or wondering what the heck just happened? There were so many questions that were not answered, or left you asking are you serious?

Caroline’s storyline isn’t full of drama and she doesn’t appear to be a liar. She may be a lot of things but liar and jumping the ship for more popular cast members is not her forte.

Bravo is guilty of many things, including heavy editing and making scenes, not what they appear to be. But from Jacqueline missing the reunion as she in the words of Caroline was in a bad place emotionally, (these past 3 seasons have been a bad emotional hell hole) and she couldn’t look at Teresa. What? What ever was going on must have been serious. Anyone can post on twitter text messages etc, but own it and don’t cop out and avoid the reunion, or did Bravo ask her to stay away to hype up the drama. Then Jacqueline posts about what Teresa did and did not say; basically calling her a liar via twitter during the reunion that she did not attend. Please Jacqueline, sit down, you’re not there, stop hiding behind a pc, you don’t get to ad your 1 cent.

In response to Melissa asking Teresa about which sister in law she was referring to in the introduction of her book:

Teresa: Andy you are writing a book aren’t you? When you write a book, you write about stuff, don’t you.


This episode I admit was all about poor Teresa, yes poor Tre as she really is not eloquent enough to handle Kathy let alone Caroline and bewildered Andy.

Teresa was asked about what her husband does for finances – she said he flips houses. Since when and why wasn’t this featured on the show, all we saw was that pizzeria. She continued to say her brother Joe “Tiny” Gorga, Kathy and Rich Wakile got their home flipping start from her husband Juicy. Also Kathy got her dessert ideas from Teresa. If this was the case why wouldn’t they help Teresa and Juicy in their time of need.

Caroline states that Teresa told her that she did NOT want to make up with her brother, as he is an a**hole and don’t ever compliment Melissa either, don’t tell her she’s pretty. If this is true, Teresa is heavily insecure. Why didn’t Caroline put her in place once Teresa started spewing that nonsense?

Teresa hotly denies this, “Are you kidding me?”

Teresa is upset that Kathy and Melissa did not tell her they were going to be on the The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Well there obviously are some major and old issues between them all, as Teresa should not be upset over that. Really? C’mon. Hilariously Melissa divulges that Teresa told her not to be on the show as the whole world will make fun of the size of her forehead. Is Teresa serious? Teresa should not be talking about anyone’s forehead. The comments I have seen about her forehead are horrible. Caroline said that Teresa told her that Melissa looks like a horse with a forehead.

My friend who doesn’t normally watch, wants to know why Andy picks the most stupidest questions to ask the cast. I agree.

New Jersey lingo: worth ethnic, work ethnic, envelopes you, ingrediencees, you’s, crucified them to this country, sangwiches, cumin. Teresa claims that is how she speaks and that is her language. No ladies that is not your language, that is speaking incorrectly.

I was reading tweets from fans of Teresa’s who thought she was ganged up on. Where were these people when it was the Danielle show? Teresa doesn’t believe, if she or her husband had continued with bankruptcy fraud they would have gone to jail. Yes, you could have been found guilty and imprisoned. Joe had fraudulently obtained money from his former business partner, which he has since repaid and also forged his partners signature on a loan. Where was the money and where did he get the funds from?

A big part of Teresa’s lies are her money problems so that is why she is being asked about it.

Teresa: I’m calm and cool like a whistle

Questions not answered:
Which sister in law was Teresa referring to in the introduction of her book? Teresa deflected a lot. Melissa was asked if she was half Black. She said she has gotten that a lot, if she was half and half. The question was not answered. If your grandmother was half or quarter or less Black, that doesn’t make you half Black. So to clear up that question, Melissa should say I have NO Black ancestry what so ever. Don’t tell me to look for a tweet that was posted months ago.

The reunion I thought was for this reason, (1) to clear up misconceptions, (2) to tell the truth and (3) to inform the fans of what really happened during the season! This obviously isn’t the case. Real Housewives reunions leave fans with unanswered questions and more confusion.

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