Real Housewives of New Jersey: Rumored Cast Member Claire Szucs-Pavlinec

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The latest name to pop up for a new cast member for the season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is Claire Szucs-Pavlinec she was Mrs New Jersey 2010. I hope she has some fight in her.

Claire Szucs-Pavlinec

Claire is married to Ken Pavlinec and is a stay at home mom, with 2 children Alexis, 8, and Luc, 5. In 2005 she founded and directs MaternalWings, a nonprofit volunteer organization that she estimates to date has helped approximately 1,000 mothers and infants. It started small and soon blossomed.

She told the GMN in 2010

“After I had my children, I realized how fortunate I was to have everything I needed during my pregnancies and for my children,” said Pavlinec. “I also realized many women were not that lucky. I contacted some clinics and found a huge need for maternity and baby clothes and baby items, such as strollers and pack-and-plays.”

Now, she canvasses the community for donations of gently used clothes and baby items and with the help of volunteers picks up, sorts and delivers the items to those in need. Cash donations are used for items that are not immediately available and needed. Food is not collected.

“The items are maintained in a storage unit at my home until needed,” said Pavlinec. “Sometimes the items spill over into the garage, the territory of my husband, Ken. But he is very supportive and doesn’t complain.”

Claire, who is a stay-at-home wife and mother, often takes her children, Alexis, 7, and Luc, 4, on the various trips that involve the activities of Maternal Wings. Both children attend St. Veronica School in Howell.

“I feel it is important to expose the children to the needs of others,” said Pavlinec, who has a master’s degree in education with a certification in special education from Georgian Court University, Lakewood.

While it was a juggling act to maintain home responsibilities, the needs of MaternalWings and the activities of the Mrs. New Jersey United States pageant, she is grateful for several things.


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