Real Housewives of Orange County: Alexis in Miami

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Alexis Bellino

Alexis was recently in Miami to promote “Alexis Couture”.

The trip mixes business and pleasure. Bellino will be bringing her husband, Jim, to celebrate his birthday at such hotspots as The Forge, Meat Market, and Wall at the W.

“I definitely want to branch out,’’ says the mother of three, 34. “I have a few passions and a few things that are kind of coming to me. I have to see how it pans out.’’

Beside fashion, Bellino would like to get into pageant-hosting full-time: “I’m ready for it. I mean, I’m mentally prepared.’’

But she realizes every move she makes is going to be scrutinized. Viewers saw how she and her family went through real-estate and financial problems and dubbed her the “Jesus Barbie,’’ because of her strong faith.

“It’s definitely stressful being on [ Housewives],’’ she admits. “You go through your life in front of the entire nation. If you have one bad episode, everyone’s mad at you.’’

Most of her criticism is Web-related.

“There is a lot of bad blogging out there,’’ she says, adding: “Every person who comes up to me in public is very positive and super kind.

“My rule is: I stay off the Internet, I don’t Google myself. I don’t read what other people have to say about me.’’

Being on the show has toughened her up.

“I used to be sick to my stomach all night long, just devastated,’’ she says. “But now I have a tougher skin. It takes a lot to upset me now. My family is happy, and that’s all that matters.’’

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