Real Housewives Of Orange County: Girl Fight – 5/6/11

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The season finale has arrived

Vicki was in the hospital with 5 ulcers in her colon. She filed for divorce when she was released from the hospital. Donn has not spoken to her or responded to emails. Is he supposed to be happy about the marriage break up? She also decides to plan and continue with her end of season party.

Alexis is getting ready with the most “classiest” wardrobe choices.

Peggy and Alexis start with their childish back and forths about who started talking about who’s husband. Who was wrong, whose lips, you get the gist. They gave me a headache with that childish banter. Peggy, trying to be asked back to for season 7, you’re working too hard for a reality show. Work that hard for your bill, that goes for all of you!

Vicki is crying over her pending divorce to Donn. Tamra comforts her. When all the ladies arrive they go upstairs and comfort Vicki, which I thought was nice. Peggy informs everyone at the party not to mention Donn’s name. Who made Peggy Ms. Informer? Everyone is asking Vicki why is she crying? Well because she just got out of hospital, she filed for divorce and is hurting, people! Vicki finally makes and entrance and the party gets going.

Ex OC Housewives Quinn Fry and Tammy Knickerbocker make an appearance.

Tamra who avoids drama and cat fighting at all costs, brings a cease and desist letter for Jeana Keough who has been talking to the press about Tamra and according to Tamra, telling lies about her and her family. Tamra and Jeana get into it, Tamra raises her voice throws the letter at Jeana. Jeana threatens to throw Tamra in the pool. Tamra throws a drink at Jeana. Jeana throws her drink but misses and catches a woman in red, who then pushes Jeana. Quinn starts shouting at the woman. Somewhere Tamra’s mother starts in too,. Jeana is escorted out.

This debacle is the shame of all women everywhere. Jeana calls Simon, why? Tamra and her buddies discuss how everyone was wrong and Tamra was right? Noticeable Tamra was absent from twitter yesterday, due to her half marathon.

After the so called fight this is what transpired between all concerned via twitter and facebook. What? No one texts anymore?: Tamra vs Jeana

Alexis and Peggy have a catty and stupid argument about who has jabbed who and when and about who’s husband..

What are your thoughts?

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