Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 7, Episode 1 – Recap

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Stranger Things Have Happened

Gretchen is getting ready to go out, Slade enters the room and wants to know where she is going and can he come, more on that in a bit. Gretchen is going to have lunch with Tamraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Slade obviously is upset as Tamra voiced her opinion about Slade on many occasions and poked her nose in his child support issues last season. I feel sorry for Slade, he has no job and is now asking to hang out with Gretchen, surely this is just part of the script, if not, someone please hire Slade.

Vicki is selling her house. She orders Michael to help her tidy up the rooms. Donn still lives in the house as she needs his paycheck to help out with the bills, although she is dating new boyfriend Brooks Ayers, who himself was jailed for non payment of child support. She is content with seeing Brooks twice a month, that was the same amount of time she was seeing Donn while they were “married”. Vicki tells Tamra that she may have to pay Donn spousal support as she makes more than him. Although I hate divorce, I am glad she may have to pay him, from what we could see, she treated Donn like crap, while he made an effort to be a good husband to her, raised another mans children and considered them his own, while she berated him on national TV.

Tamra felt bad about how things went down at the reunion and apologizes to Gretchen for her behavior, *gasp*. This made for tv (created by producers) truce only seems to be on the surface. We know Tamra and her sneaky ways, will surface soon. Tamra has a friendship bracelet made for Gretchen, which is cute. Tamra let’s us know she doesn’t respect Slade. Tamra also did not tell Vicki about her reconciliation with Gretchen.

Alexis now has a “career”, she claims Alexis Couture is doing well. It is only sold on her website, the largest size available is a 10 on most of the “garments”. Alexis also managed to get a weekly segment on a local television station. Alexis is now so busy she has hired Sweetie an assistant,. She leaves early in the morning for the drive to her job and forgets to do something, so she calls Jim’s mobile number, of which there was no answer and then tried to call her home, she must not call the house much, as she didn’t know the house number. Her segment is with someone the Californian’s call Dr Booty and it’s also National Booty Awareness month. What the hell. What’s next National Breast Implant Month?

Tamra states that Simon will not sign the divorce papers. I am sure Simon will probably tell a different story.

Tamra is working and shows  plot of land to the new housewife Heather Dubrow who is a former actress and her husband plastic surgeon Dr Terry Dubrow, they are planning on building a bigger house for them and their four childen. Heather also gets an invite to Vicki’s party, Vickie is celebrating a new lease on life, her impending divorce, looking for a new home and a new boyfriend. Tamra warns Heather to stay away from anyone with red wine and who to avoid. It only took Tamra 39 minutes to start up with her shenanigans and fill in Heather on who to stay away from instead of letting her find out for herself who to align herself with.

Jeana Keough will be back this season.

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