Real Housewives Of Potomac’s Ashley Darby Is Pregnant

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ashley darby-pregnant

Real Housewives Of Potomac star, Ashley Darby 30, is pregnant.

“I’m so excited. When I used to hear people talk about having a child and the miracle of life inside you, I know that sounds great, but then to actually experience it? It’s the most all-encompassing feeling ever. I never imagined I’d feel this much love … it’s the pinnacle!” Ashley tells People magazine of her pregnancy.

As RHOP fans know, they separated for six months between the show’s second and third season, amid a handful of arguments surrounding the running of their restaurant, Oz, his alleged cheating with men, then, after a season of fighting over whether they wanted to have kids, she conceived, but lost the pregnancy in a miscarriage.

“It was such a traumatic experience. At the time, I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of how it would affect us as a couple and as individuals because we kind of thought it would be a given that we would just be able to have children. But it was challenging,” Ashley says of the loss, which she first revealed at the season 3 reunion.

Michael, who has two adult children from a previous marriage ages 27 and 24, was a strong source of support for Ashley. “It was very impactful for him because he understand the feelings of being a dad. It was so new to me, but he could help me through that,” Ashley says.

Though they each found their own ways to grieve — she turning to yoga and he to long bike rides — the experience brought them closer, Ashley says. “It did take a toll, but it really did bond us on another level, thankfully,” she revealed.

The couple wasn’t “actively or consciously trying” when Ashley conceived.

“It was a surprise. We found out in the beginning of November and I had just been healing out of it and I thought I was getting sick, ’cause of changes of season. I wasn’t feeling too well. Something just told me to take the test, really not expecting a positive result. And then lo and behold, there were two solid lines.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for both to start crying when they learned the news.

“I’m not the most emotional person, but I shed some tears. And then Michael started crying. And Michael, who is a very stoic person, when he cries, I start balling it. It was like a share of waterworks between the two of us! It just was a blessing that was bestowed upon us. And the way it happened was just a miracle.” Ashley says.

Ashley has a few cravings including fruit and McDonald’s french fries.

And five months in, the couple is still keeping the baby’s sex a mystery, even if that may change.

“We have the results in Michael’s desk drawer at work, but we might do a sex reveal, that’s still a toss up in the air. But for now, it’s just really hypothesizing if it’s going to be a boy or a girl based on the heartbeat, the shape of the belly, the condition of my skin — all those things that are supposed to be predictors of the baby’s sex,” Ashley says.

The two are also “going back and forth with names. With an Australian man who tends to lean more towards the English side with his name choices, it’s very interesting. He wants it to be a Phillip or an Elizabeth or something very regal. It needs a little bit of culture in there!”

Source: People

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