Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap | Season 1, Episode 2

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The Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 1, Episode 2 | Aired 24th Jan

On tonight’s Real Housewives Of Potomac“What A Little Whiskey Can Do” the ladies attend a whiskey tasting.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Gizelle Bryant continue their argument about class and etiquette. Charrisse is not at all happy about Gizelle’s hair stylist (the help) traipsing up her stairs to help her with her hair. Charrisse is adamant that Gizelle ruined her birthday party by her behavior. Gizelle maintains she didn’t do a thing wrong.

Katie Rost

Katie Rost

Katie Rost the most Jewish person alive in Potomac, keeps on harping about her Jew-ishness, as if she’s trying convince us of this fact. Never mind she only goes to synagogue a few times a year, doesn’t keep Shabbat or the feast days regularly and she eats unclean meats – some of the fundamental tenements of Judaism. Although keeping all the above doesn’t make you a ‘good’ Jew, as action alone won’t make you a Jew, it’s a start.

Katie has decided to give her children Jewish names and met with her Rabbi, he asks her if she speaks Hebrew, she says no, she also admitted to only attended synagogue a few times a year. She says in her confessional, “Usually, my good looks and charm work, but I’m not sure it’s working right now.” Ok Katie.

Katie calls her boyfriend Andrew Martin her soon to be fiance. Poor Katie. “Andrew tries to make it clear that we’re not engaged and I try to keep it muddy. There are a lot of women out there who want to have a guy like him.”

At the naming ceremony, Andrew helps her with the children, where is the children’s father? Robyn and Gizelle attend the ceremony, Gizelle is late, thinking it would start late, not knowing Jews are a punctual set of people.

Robyn says, “I went to school with Jewish people, and not one of them looked like Katie.”

Gizelle also said: “Going to synagogues, all the Jewish people looking at you like, “We know you ain’t Jewish!”‘ The miseducation of these numskulls on Judaism is astounding.

Later as they drink outside, Robyn asks what box will Katie’s children check, Katie doesn’t know. That question was so unnecessary in 2016. Really Robin? How about the children check the human box.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan & Karen Huger

Charrisse Jackson Jordan & Karen Huger

Karen Huber and Charrisse are invited out for drinks by Gizelle, to clear the air regarding their past tiff. Gizelle had a car service pick them up, needless to say the outing was a bust as no one is admitting fault and no one wants to forgive or forget. Note: Charrisse does not know how to sit in a restaurant like a women with class and etiquette.

Ashley Darby & her lovely hair

Ashley Darby & her lovely hair

Lastly we meet the final cast member of the group, Ashley Darby who is married to Michael Darby, who is twice her age. They appear to live in the most fashionable, chic home, out of the entire cast. Ashley meets Katie Rost, Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon at her, ‘Sip With Socialites’, event, she is tipsy and starts humping the guests, Gizelle, who shows disdain for her weave-less hair, calls her a THOT (that hoe over there) and Robyn states, “Black women don’t hump each other like that. Must be a white thing, she’s spent way too much time around white people.”

Ashley doesn’t care what the others think, “I’m young, I’m fun and I don’t need a bustier.”

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