Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap | Season 1, Episode 7

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The Real Housewives Of Potomac ladies were on the trip that would never end, day three of their Bethany Beach girls trip.

Gizelle Bryant accuses Katie Rost of being on something as she was making out with her boyfriend Andrew at Ashley Darby’s birthday party. Katie explained she was tipsy and responded with, “I didn’t ask you why you have multiple sex partners.” Gizelle apologized during their photo shoot, they dressed up in old-time clothes. After their plans were canceled due to the rain.
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Ashley reveals that she gets a nice piece of change in her pre-nuptial agreement if she divorces husband Michael, and some homes.

Katie decides to talk Black lives, “When you try to talk to white men, about what’s going on in the black community, there’s a glossing over. To not understand or care about that, that’s what gets to me.”

Gizelle responds to Katie in her confessional, “Since when does black lives matter to Katie, when she checks the ‘other’ box. She does a lot of trying to fit in with white people. Guess what? They don’t like you.”

After dinner, the ladies are entertained by a drag show. Then Ashley’s husband Michael showed up. Ashley was surprised to see her hubby, the ladies on the other hand were disgusted.

“Ashley, we’re just not comfortable,” Karen Huger expresses her disgust.

“I just don’t really care,” Ashley states, then in her confessional, “Karen and Gizelle need to get out of this menopausal mood swing.”

I really don’t understand why Karen and Gizelle were so upset with Ashley, Michael is her husband, not her dog or child. If he wishes to surprise his wife and the house they can’t stand, that’s his business. Since when were the women walking around in their undies anyway – that’s what they claimed they were doing, and why Michael shouldn’t be there.

“Ray would not appreciate it,” Karen claimed.

“I respect your feelings, Karen, it’s kind of spilled milk,” Ashley responded.

“These are married women, y’all can stay in a hotel,” Gizelle threatened, of course they didn’t stay in a hotel.

When the women came back to the home, Karen and Gizelle were the only ones who were upset with Ashley and Michael. Charisse Jackson Jordan in her confessional, “Seriously, girls? Stop. Michael don’t want y’all.”

The ladies were sitting on the couch arguing about Michael while he was drinking his beer in the background, “This is drama that I don’t even understand.”

As the trip finally came to an end, Karen no longer apparently wants to groom Ashley, “This is why you don’t take in strays, they piss all over your carpet anyway.”

Gizelle, “Crocodile Dundee has taken it a little bit too far. He is creepy and disgusting.”

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