Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 7, Episode 10 – Recap

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by Pam Dryburgh

It has been tough writing these blogs for my ‘girls’ this season. My first love are the OC women however, I don’t see how going “glamping” will be fun for us to watch. My guess is I will be wrong and will find some good in this.

This time around we start with Vicki visiting Tamra and checking out her new boob job. Vicki says that she “doesn’t know why anybody would want itty bitty titties”. Really? Tamra thinks that Vicki is just jealous of her new look. The conversation turns to what happened at the bowling alley between Vicki and Sarah and also the jealousy between Vicki and Tamra about Gretchen and Alexis. Are we back in high school? Vicki states that Tamra is bugged by her talking to Alexis and the same goes for Gretchen.

At Alexis’ house, Alexis and her friend, Shannon who is helping her to get ready to go glamping. We find out that glamping is staying in a cabin and it is camping with plumbing. Alexis makes an excuse to get her friend Shannon to go with her. Never mind the need for a nurse, she just wants back up. Alexis wants this overnight trip to help out her relationship with Heather. Alexis do you really think that one night by a camp fire is going to help you two get closer?

At Gretchen’s house Slade is trying to get Gretchen to stay home and not go glamping. She is not well and she has lost her voice. This worries even me. Slade convinces her to stay home and that is the best thing. He explains to her that this Vegas work is good for her career and people are coming from all over to see her perform with the Pussycat Dolls. Slade once again is the stand up guy looking out for Gretchen.

The gang meets at Vicki’s house to head out to the overnight. I can’t get past what a big deal is being made about this one night of going essentially to a motel instead of a deluxe hotel and it doesn’t have a bell hop. Please! Heather talks about glamping at her country club, how sweet. Briana just had her thyroid taken out and isn’t traveling with a ‘nurse’. Alexis is dancing in her car on the ride up and already feels the need to put ice on her nose.

Eddie arrives at Tamra’s house and he has a busted up hand and she is recovering from breast surgery and they are trying to carry in a huge vase of flowers. The flowers are gorgeous and it is just too cute trying to see the two gimps getting the flowers to the table. Tamra is using her removed fake boobs as ice packs. Alright, this is the best part of the episode so far. As Eddie and Tamra discuss her boobs, he jokingly tells her that she looked like a hooker with the big boobs. You can truly see that Eddie loves and adores Tamra. I think Tamra has finally found her equal and spiritual match. Tamra would rather have major surgery than go camping with Alexis. I have to agree with that one. I had forgotten about Eddie’s accident at the mud run. He was being a real trooper about it.

The women get to the campground and the first thing Heather says “I hope they have wine”. Wasn’t Alexis going to give each one of them a bottle of wine? What happened to that? The women order their dinner and are told that they will have to cook it themselves. Heather wants to know if the “meat is marinated”. Heather has never heard of the brands of wine in the refrigerator at the store. That is a true sign of the over-sized life that she leads. Nothing is wrong with that, but you get to see that these women all do live very differently than most of us. Oh wait, they do have a bell hop and Alexis has him on speed dial. Poor thing having to be on their beckon call. I bet he didn’t see that one coming.

Alexis says this is not glamping; there is no ice and no space on the bathroom counter for all her product. Vicki says it is not real wine as it is a screw top. Heather comes out of a cabin and says that there are no red wine glasses, just white. Another call to the ‘bell hop’ for ice and cork screw. Vicki is already on the phone to Brooks. She says that Brooks has asked her to call when she arrived to know she is safe. I’ll give her that as I too do that with my husband. It is just for peace of mind. Around the camp fire, well no fire yet, Heather brings up Alexis and how she is renting her home. Heather is pretty much putting down Alexis for this. Don’t know Alexis and Jim’s financial situation but have to say that for some, renting is better at different times in your life.

Gretchen calls to let Alexis know she is not coming due to her voice. Gretchen’s voice at this moment is the biggest concern. Alexis does bring gifts for the girls and it is a very nice scarf to match each of the girl’s personality. Good job on that one Alexis. The ‘bell hop’ comes with the wood and the only one that listened to the directions is Heather.

You can’t help but at times really like Heather, this time right after putting Alexis down, she comes through and gets the fire started so that the cooking can commence. While they are cooking, they hear a noise in the woods, Briana goes to check it out and low and behold it’s a skunk. I love how Vicki takes credit for making it run away. It was either run away for the skunk or spray the girls into submission. My guess is the skunk wanted to do nothing but get away from them! As I was tweeting tonight I was saying that his is a very boring episode but as I sit here and think about it, it really is nice that the women are getting along. Along as well as they know how.

Vicki tells the women that she has been through a lot in the past few weeks with Briana’s surgery and her divorce. Vicki admits that she does owe Gretchen an apology about her outburst towards Slade. Alexis believes that this is a heartfelt apology and is forgiving Vicki. Alexis being a god fearing woman should accept her apology. Even though Vicki did call Jim “a smelly dork”. Alexis goes onto say that you have to like Vicki, she is “negotiating her apology”. Yet another call to the ‘bell hop’ about the evening’s trash. They are worried that ‘the bears will get them’ if they don’t get rid of the trash.

The next morning we get to listen in on the conversation between Vicki and Briana about her boyfriend. This is where we first learn that Briana is seeing a man that has been stationed in Afghanistan for seven months. Vicki says that by posting “in a relationship” on face book it is like going steady. I can relate to that. One time my husband and I found something out about one of our children through FB and since that time we discussed it with the family and our pact is that we tell each other first before posting. My, how times have changed.

Heather and Vicki talk about Vicki taking off her wedding ring and how it was an emotional time. Vicki was put out a little bit by Heather suggesting that she buy herself another ring. I thought it was a great idea. Vicki is turning 50 so she should treat herself to a nice piece of jewelry. The jewelry conversation continues with Alexis saying that she sometimes wears fake pieces so that if they get stolen it is no big deal. Heather feels and I have to agree that if you have it wear it. That is why you pay the insurance. Heather doesn’t get Alexis and thinks that she is fake. I don’t think Alexis is fake, I think she just wants to be a part of the upper group and this is her way of dealing with it.

Gretchen and Slade meet with a vocal producer. Gretchen’s voice is still not able to hit any of the high notes. The voice producer will help her with the live performance part of the song. They go through the motions but you can tell that her voice is still not right and Gretchen says that it hurts. The voice producer says to rest it one more night and see.

On the ride home from the overnight glamping experience, Heather and Alexis are at it again. Alexis is bragging about all the cars that she and Jim have. At this point I am just feeling sorry for Alexis as she doesn’t have enough self esteem that is why she is so competitive about materialistic things.

Slade and Gretchen head home after the meeting with the voice producer. Gretchen is very upset over this as she should be. Gretchen thinks that her voice problem is due to the argument with Vicki and that if Slade didn’t put the crap in his improve show this wouldn’t have happened. Gretchen your voice problem seems more than just straining it, but do feel your frustration. I have faith in you Gretchen and you will pull through.

Even though this was a low drama episode and as I said earlier a sleeper, it was good to see the women come around on different issues. Seeing Vicki discuss how she needs to apologize to Gretchen went a long way with me. Tonight I felt like I saw the Vicki that I liked in earlier seasons. Heather was Heather and my vote is to like her. She does have her moments, but its confidence not arrogance and that is a huge difference. Heather is smart and knows a little about a lot and that is a great thing.

All in all I like the OC women and as always would love your feedback. Feel free to comment below and keep the conversation going.

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