Real Housewives of Orange County | Season 7, Episode 7 Recap

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Tamra goes to the plastic surgeon to discuss getting her implants out. First thing you notice is the huge file the doctor has on Tamra. She is in a place right now that her breasts don’t have to define who she is. Whatever she does now is on her own terms. Really, isn’t her body hers?!? “Guess it’s better than my ass”. Probably the best line of the whole night. “Third set of boobs, third man, third time a charm”. Still can’t figure out why you even got the tattoo on your ring finger when you knew at that point that your marriage was over.

Alexis her nose job umm her sinus fixer upper, I had to fast forward through this one as it grossed me out, there is a reason why doctors put you under for these procedures. Forget the whole pain thing; it is so you don’t really know what they do to get you better.

Vicki is at the hospital and her and Mike is going to visit Brianna after her thyroid surgery.

Heathers house with her children, dinner time at her house. She has been on “radical sabbatical” for the past few years raising her children. Dinner is takeout, and a lot of people will say this is bad as she is a stay at home mom these days, but you know we all do it and that’s ok. All of these fast food and take out businesses would not be so successful if we were all cooking every night. At least she is honest about it.

At this point Heather and the Doc discuss the “pet project” of opening up a restaurant and the Doc goes onto say that if they lose 1M over the course of the next two years, so what. So what? Twitter has just exploded. One of the tweets that shows up was “could you just send me the Mil, please? Really? Just because you are in the 1% of disposable income, I actually was insulted by this.

Gretchen and Slade are meeting with the production team of the Pussy Cat Dolls and it goes without saying that the statement being with Gretchen wearing the “team Slade” tee shirt. Good for you girl. Having spent way too much time thinking about this, Slade is a good manager for Gretchen, she has the energy and desire to succeed and he has the background to coach and guide her along the way. Sounds like a job to me. Gretchen does come across as having a good work ethic. Doing something new is exciting and she shows that she wants to do it right. “Turn the housewife into the Pussy Cat Doll.” Slade doing his job again, telling Gretchen that although she doesn’t have much stage experience, when on stage she has the “presence” you need. Nice having a man at your side that really believes in you. Maybe the others are jealous of Gretchen and the support her man gives her unconditionally.

Vicki still at the hospital and checks in with Tamra about Brianna said that her thyroid was the worst he has seen in a long time. A tumor was removed from her vocal cords. The good news is that I had a thyroid scare many years ago and did my diligence at that time and found that thyroid cancer is 100% treatable and curable. That is what keeps me positive about Brianna. Vicki is a caring Mom and you can see the huge amount of worry she has towards her daughter.

Just get this out there; there is no denying that having a helicopter sent to pick you up for lunch is amazing.
Vicki takes Brianna home and yes Vicki is being over bearing, but she is nervous and very scared for her daughter. We would all be like that during crisis. I do get a smile out of her setting up all of Brianna’s water and such on the bed next to her. Very cute.

Alexis, I kind of feel sorry for Alexis and fighting the urge to say NOT! Yes, her pain is real, but if she wants to do a commercial for plastic surgery, she shouldn’t show just how awful it really is to do this type of work. Again, I can’t watch this, but the saving grace is that we get to see and hear Alexis snoring from time to time. Again smiling.

The girls arrive in L.A. for the restaurant meeting. Again, what else can you say about the helicopter ride but Wow! Way Cool. Heather does give Vicki credit for being a business woman and doesn’t put her down for that. Finally seeing the way it should be women supporting women. What a novel idea. How nice being able to send your helicopter to pick up your friends. Vicki is giving some good business advice about getting all of this in writing. Tamra doesn’t believe that these women can pull this off, again, its women supporting women, why can’t you do that Tamra. At lunch, very interesting that the restaurant owner tells it like it is to get to the opening. Heather is humoring the women by saying we should just eat in a restaurant and laughs, make no mistake she was patronizing Vicki and Tamra at that time. Yes the women with Heather that want to open up a restaurant have a ton of money in the bank, well their husbands banks, so I want to see them succeed at this. I would love to have a ton of money to invest in something.

You know the saying “it takes money to make money”. So, if any of these women want to see how it can be done right, give me a call. Then the truth comes out that the women in Heather’s group just want a place to hang out. Again, nice to be able to spend a million dollars for a place to hang out. When Vicki talks about how much work it is to open a business, brings me back to why in the early seasons I was fully Team Vicki. I wished they would show more of her business side and less of her catty side. The OMG moment of the night is when Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks calls her. She had to jump up and go outside to take the call. My, my how time changes things. Wasn’t it just a couple of seasons ago she made a huge stink about Alexis being on the phone with her hubby and kids?

Alexis goes to the follow up appointment. That mucus plug is disgusting, makes me change my mind and realize just how bad her sinuses were. She really has been a baby about this though.

Gretchen and Slade having dinner together and Gretchen’s hair catching on fire, would like to say don’t worry Gretchen that happens to all of us, but no it doesn’t. Get some rest Gretchen, take a vacation. Poor thing.

Tamra says it right, that how nice it is to see women supporting each other. Why does Vicki always bring it back to how awful Slade is. From discussing women supporting women to Slade? Vicki stating that she see life differently now with Brianna being sick. Talks about mortality and how she wouldn’t want her last day on earth to be arguing with Gretchen and Slade, yet she continually brings them up. I say in every blog, I still don’t understand what the back story is on this, what has gone on in the past that we are not privy to with Slade and Gretchen. Tamra talks about her second failed marriage and how it hurt her, I so want to believe that she has remorse for this, but it is hard to get past her crocodile tears. Is she crying because she really does feel like a failure? I’m confused with Tamra, as she goes from being very smart to being very conniving and bitchy. When Eddie asked her to move in and she said no, I was like, OK, Tamra has matured and then she goes and sets up the arguments at the 80’s party and you say, ok there is the real Tamra.

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