Real Housewives Of Orange County | Season 7 Finale

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Fake Tears, Fake Friends, Fake Money

A continuation of bow-gate. Drunk, fake Sarah “Winchester” Aguilar ate the bow off of Heather’s new name cake. Sarah is a ditz and was wrong. I am sure the producers told her to eat it or is that from her trailer upbringing.

Gretchen brings Tamra inside the room and gifts her a friendship bracelet with a locket, flashback, Tamra gives Gretchen a friendship bracelet with a key in season 4. Awwww. Tamra’s starts to make crying sounds again, wiping at non-existant tears. Has Tamra ever cried with real tears. Can she shed tears. I do like that Gretchen and Tamra are ‘friends’ for now. Tamra divulges to Gretchen that Vicki calls her a brown-noser for trying to build a friendship with Gretchen.

Back to Sarah “W” Aguilar, ‘it’s over a cake’. Yes it’s over cake you drunk, skunk! Heather summons Terry, Gretchen and Alexis. Sarah asks “Why are they doing this?” Sarah is hilarious. Alexis doesn’t understand what the problem is. Heather claims Sarah is yelling at her. Sarah actually wasn’t. But Heather doesn’t need a reason to kick the bow-eater out of her home. Alexis who for some unknown reason is sticking up for Sarah the bow-eater, and shows Slade the hand to stop him from talking and Gretchen takes offense to this and tells Alexis to take her hands out of Slade’s face. What? 1. Slade can handle himself and 2. really Gretchen, stop it!

Sarah was NFI! Gretchen tells Sarah to leave. Sarah leaves.

Line of the night, Sarah: “I’m tired of these fake a– people” Really Sarah, you are the fakest of them all! You are not relevant hon.

Side note: During the finale Bravo advertised, The New Series “Love Broker” Premieres July 24, at 10/9c. Bravo you premiered the series in March and “shelved it” the first two episodes both drew less than 500,000 viewers. Yet you cancelled RHODC!

Tamra’s son Ryan, is at the party, was he invited? Or just because he behaved was he allowed in?

Vicki hugs Ryan, Briana’s husband and welcomes him sloppily into the family. She pulls him aside and apologizes to him and said her only defense is to talk about his marriage to her daughter. Ryan feels he is being thrown under the bus for no reason (he eloped with Briana) and Vicki feels that Brooks is being thrown under the bus for no reason (he has no job that we know of, he was in jail for not paying child support, he has four children with 3 different women, Vicki supports him financially – condo, car, teeth). Vicki demands respect and believes that Ryan will take away her daughter from her. Ryan stands his ground and states if your daughter gets away from you that’s on you, not me. Vicki then says she has always had an amazing relationship with Briana; Ryan rightly responds, that has nothing to do with him, the problems they have, begun when Vicki left Donn and started dating Brooks. Vicki wants Briana to accept Brooks in the same way Vicki should accept Ryan. Vicki doesn’t have to accept Ryan in the same way Briana doesn’t have to accept Ryan. Vicki can’t get it through her head that if Briana brought home a dead-beat dad with no job, she would have a problem with it, and it’s only because Brooks is laying the pipe down to Vicki, obviously, then everyone should be happy for her, when they are only concerned for her as he is a lazy bum! Vicki makes the statement that Brooks is almost 45 years old and Brianna shouldn’t be interrogating Brooks.

All the ladies are very tipsy at this point.

Brooks and Alexis are chatting and she divulges that Jim isn’t coming, as they sometimes do their own thing. Right. Jim arrives at the front door and surprises Alexis, she scream and hyperventilates like a school girl. Calm down Alexis, it’s your husband, NOT Magic Mike! Nice surprise though Jim lol. Heather greets Jim as a good host should.

Terry: Jim Bellino grew a pair and showed up. Terry is a schmuck no?

Slade and Tamra were hugging, Gretchen and Tamra were hugging. Vicki wasn’t liking any of that. She approached Tamra and wanted her to close her eyes, when Tamra wouldn’t close her eyes she give Tamra a hug.

Everyone was wearing fur, it was 50° that night.

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Jim tells Terry they should talk next week Alexis states that it’s awkward if they don’t talk now. Jim asks who wears the pants. Why is everyone shocked, that is Jim and Alexis’ marriage. Jim wears the pants, deal with it! Jim and Terry sit at a table and Jim wants to know if he said if Alexis was the phoniest person he’s ever met. Terry repeats the statement as if he has never heard those particular words before in his life. Flashback, Terry called her phoney, inauthentic, trying to portray a person she wasn’t. Heather pops up and asks what’s going on. Really Heather, like you didn’t know. This is why Jim wanted to do lunch, Terry promises that Heather will be benign lol! Heather joins in an she states she had a heart to heart with Heather in Costa Rica, is that what they’re calling it now. Tamra plonks her nosy self at the table and Jim gets up. Where on earth do I begin? Firstly, Tamra had no business at the table, it is already established that she doesn’t like Alexis, this was a private conversation between Jim and Terry away from the group or they would have stayed with the crowd. Tamra is a stirrer, along with Suzie Ketcham of Basketball Wives and Karlie Redd of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Terry should have asked Tamra to leave the table. Jim leaves the home. Alexis is wondering what happened, and the Dubrows tell Alexis that Jim left because other people walked up. Other people? It was Tamra, hello?! Alexis gets in the car with her husband and they leave the party too. You may not like Jim, but since the beginning of his appearances he doesn’t start or continue with conflict.

Terry: “Is he afraid of the truth?” Is Terry afraid of the truth?

Tamra rolls her eyes when Vicki asks where was Alexis. Brooks states that Tamra is giving Vicki the evil eye, it must be a southern thing. Tamra herself owned up that she rolled her eyes. Just say you did that.

The next dialogue is a flashback to the season 4 party where Tamra was fake crying and Vicki was telling Tamra not to take her husband, Simon’s, side. Stop letting him tell you what to think. Vicki starts to scream! Brooks and his suga-momma leave the table. Vick screams some more. Vicki may be upset, but why can’t she have a disagreement without screaming like a mad woman.

Vicki “I would never speak that way to Eddie”. But you sure spoke that way to Simon. Vicki wants an apology from Tamra. Tamra doesn’t understand what the problem is. You rolled your eyes at Vicki, Brooks ratted on you and Vicki believed him. Vicki doesn’t like that you are friends with Gretchen and Tamra doesn’t like that Vicki is being nicer to Alexis that is basically the problem.

Tamra goes back outside and tells Briana what happened. They commiserate about each others issues with Vicki and Brooks. Tamra starts to dry cry again. No tears. Has anyone ever seen Tamra’s tears?

Heather goes outside and asks Vicki to come back into the house for a special toast. Briana goes outside and they have an awkward conversation. Brianna is pissed and cannot stand Vicki’s boyfriend.

Heather makes her special brownie speech and lights her bow-less cake. Vicki apologizes for leaving.

Heather is continuing with plans to open her restaurant
Tamra plans to marry in the fall
Briana who should be a cast member in season 8, re-married Ryan in front of friends and family, Vicki was in attendance. She is now 6 months pregnant with a boy
Gretchen plans to have a baby with Slade, as he will be reversing his vasectomy, with no plans to get married.
Vicki is still with Brooks
Alexis is no longer a newscaster and plans to open a trampoline park. Trampoline park?

The reunion airs in two weeks on the 10th July, see you then…

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