Real Housewives of Orange | Season 7, Episode 11 – Recap

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What’s New, Pussycat?

Gretchen visits Alexis who is excited to show her a interview segment she did on sex, culture and children. Alexis’ segment was painful to watch, she was tongue tied and her top was as always too low. Gretchen informs Alexis while watching the piece that Fox had in fact offered her the job first. I don’t know if Gretchen was being spiteful but knowing that Alexis is sensitive and wanted Gretchen to see the segment first, probably wasn’t a good idea to let her know that. Alexis isn’t happy and states that since Gretchen started being Tamra’s friend she is not as supportive as she she used to be.

Heather goes on a audition, but is anguished as she is leaving all her four children behind who are all under the age of 7, she is a full time wife and mother you know. Later she and her husband, Terry discuss what will happen if Heather get’s the job on this new show. Why didn’t they discuss this before the audition? It’s strange that the very particular and always in place Heather and Terry wouldn’t have discussed this before actually going on the audition.

Gretchen very domestically is folding Slade’s clothes and calls Alexis and Tamra to invite them to her Pussy Cat Dolls show in Las Vegas, they of course say yes.

Alexis and Jim talk about her ambitions. Alexis is thinking of getting a coach to help her onscreen presence, which I think is a great idea. Jim on the other hand isn’t happy. Jim you only have Bravo to blame for Alexis wanting to spread her wings and share her talents with the world, she sees the other woman of the cast with partners and husbands who seemingly show their support for their women, plus the fact that although there is nothing wrong with your line of thinking for what a woman and mother should be in your household, you have to know now, Alexis never really wanted to be an old school Christian mother and wife. Poor Jim is not at all happy that Alexis wants a career, that forbid, may have her out of their home and away from the children for 1-2 days a week, it may even stretch to 5 days a week, perish the thought. After their conversation, she tells him to … wait for it … deal with it.

Vicki is packing for Las Vegas and states Gretchen owes her an apology and low and behold she owes Gretchen an apology too. *Faints*. 5 minutes later she asks how many careers does Gretchen have – Realtor, singer, cosmetics distributor, jack of all trades, master of none *unfaints*. Taking the high road there Vick? First Vicki says Gretchen and the rest of the ladies don’t work and now Gretchen has her hand in too many things and cannot master anything. Nice.

Gretchen is practicing with the Pussy Cat Dolls, she is singing a little off and after the practice the coordinator is underwhelmed. There was silence. Bravo editors are epic at this and the silence was probably only for 5 seconds or for something else, nevertheless we were all uncomfortable watching and waiting for the coordinator to say something to Gretchen. The dancers expressions were priceless as if to say where did they get this chick from?

Jim has a change of heart and is on the Vegas trip with his wife. This should be good. Because Alexis still has bruising from her surgery she hires a makeup artist. The makeup artist wasn’t even good enough for Phaedra’s funeral home. The makeup was 10 shades too dark for Alexis, she looked like she had a New Jersey tan and was auditioning to be a minstrel. Alexis has to make do with trying to do her own makeup which wasn’t that good. During dinner, Brooks who is definitely not tipsy or under the influence of any plant, starts a speech on love. What?

Alexis takes Gretchen aside and prays for Gretchen’s performance, before she takes the stage, which normally would be nice, but somehow I think God has more important matters than watching scantily clad ladies strut and gyrate on a stage in Las Vegas.

Next Week
The wives are in attendance when a jittery Gretchen takes the stage in a performance with the Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas. Elsewhere, Tamra hopes to open a gym; Alexis visits a talent coach to hone her hosting talents; and Briana breaks shocking new

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