Real Housewives of New York | Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

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This Party Is Toast

This week we start off at another Holiday Party this time hosted by Carole and it is at a very elegant “New York watering hole”.  The subject of Aviva’s Dad George comes right up with the seating plan.  This season sure has a lot of George I immediately think. The gang arrives and as Sonja arrives you immediately notice that she isn’t feeling well.  Sonja is the only woman that can carry having a fever like that. She is one beautiful woman. Carole’s parties always look fun, she has the group playing a Holiday gift game and even though the camera doesn’t capture it, I bet it was fun.  One of the gifts passed out is a live salamander; yes you heard it, a live salamander. Told you her parties are fun.

Off to the photo shoot for Sonja’s toaster oven with Heather and team.  Heather’s feathers are already ruffled as Sonja hasn’t arrived and it is getting later and later.  Sonja arrives and immediately goes to give the food preparer instructions on how to cook in the toaster oven.  That cracked me up.  Heather keeps trying to get Sonja on track to no avail.  Finally Sonja gets on track and she gets ready for the photo shoot. Then out of nowhere Sonja starts talking about having a bad period.  “It looks like someone got murdered in here”, comes from the ladies room.  Ok, enough said about that.  Back to the photo shoot.  The first set of shots is the vision that Heather and her team want. The one with the hunky man holding the toaster oven and Sonja taking food out of it.  All the while in an evening gown.  The second set up is Sonja’s vision where she is leaning on the toaster oven almost making love to it.  In the end, I am glad that I am not making the decision as to which set up is better.  They both are excellent. At the end of this session, Sonja and Heather have a discussion about whom put all of this “branding” info together and Heather is not happy that Sonja is not giving her any credit.  I see both sides here.  It is Sonja’s brand ultimately, but she should be giving credit to Heather for putting all of this together for her.  And, putting all together at no charge to Sonja.

Now enter into Carole’s apartment for a “girls” lunch.  Carole doesn’t have lunch for them yet, she is planning on ordering in.  There is a bowl of specialized M & M’s sitting on Carole’s coffee table.  She ordered them special for this luncheon.  Again, we are seeing a woman who just is enjoying her life and doesn’t take too much seriously.  Some of the M & M’s say “Ramona Pinot”, Yummie Tummie”, “and Sonja in the City”.  What a GREAT idea!  At this point Carole asks the women to go to St. Bart’s with her.  The discussion ensues and Aviva doesn’t want to go as she hates get on the small plane to get out to the island.  Aviva continues to say that she also doesn’t want to leave her husband as he is her best friend.  Completely agree with her on that.  I too hate to leave my husband however, once you get me out its all fun and truly cherish my girl time moments.  The discussion keeps going and LuAnn makes a good point that you have to put your fears behind you and just move forward.

Ramona is having a party to launch Ramona Red Wine.  At the same time she is appearing on two magazine covers and they are combining the celebration.  On one of the covers J’Adore magazine, Ramona is made to look like her daughter Avery.  It is very unsettling and Aviva states “airbrushed overly airbrushed”.   Of course the high school angst begins between Heather and Sonja about the branding photo shoot.  Ramona gets involved where she shouldn’t and after a few of minutes of all this going back and forth I blank out.  All I can think about is that all of these women are very successful in one way or another and all they do is put each other down and play the one up game constantly.  As much as I have respect for each and every one of these women, when it comes to supporting each other they are putting each other down, they are setting back successful women in general. I take that personally as a business woman.  Heather and Ramona get into it over something about Heather not wanting Ramona at the toaster oven shoot and the claws come out over who is back stabbing whom.  They were all wrong in this senseless  argument.  LuAnn makes the best statement of this conversation, “she is afraid of Sonja” very sarcastically.

Off to yet another party the women go, this time the host is a friend of Sonja’s.  Heather is wearing a bedazzled dress t-shirt that says “drop dead” on the front and on the back “gorgeous”.  You really have to laugh at the double meaning here.  Aviva asks LuAnn to talk once again about the wine tasting and Ramona.  Old news, move on Aviva.  LuAnn reminds Aviva that is was just a wine game and how it was great to promote Ramona’s wine by including it.  Again, I don’t understand all the concern about the wine tasting, if it were my wine, I would have loved the challenge.  Besides, Ramona was perfect with it, and proved to all that she does in fact know her own wine, and actually has studied wines and is in the know.  In the interview  LuAnn lets us know that she is tired of this discussion and Aviva stating that if Ramona got it wrong could of ruined her ‘profits’ from the wine line is really ridiculous as “Ramona drinks all her profits from the Pinot Grigio”.  That was my laugh out loud moment of the night.  LuAnn leaves and Ramona is talking about her and Jacques.  Ramona isn’t this talking behind a person’s back?  Isn’t that what you don’t like about others?  Can’t have it both ways my dear.  The back stabbing continues at this party, mind you at a friend of Sonja’s so I am sure they all look like fools, not socialite women.

To end this evening, Heather tells Mario that “your wife is crazy”…..”To be continued”.

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