Remember The Zola Story A Tale Of Trapping, Stripping – The Movie Premieres Next Month

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Four years ago a twitter story went viral.

Aziah ‘Zola’ King wrote a detailed story on twitter that had twitter in an uproar, celebrities wanted to be a part of the movie. Zola has admitted to embellishing some of the more sensational details, most of those involved have admitted to the general gist of the story.

Zola-Ariah King-Jessica Swiatkowski-wd-rw

Ariah ‘Zola’ King & Jessica Swiatkowski

Read about Part 1 here here and part 2 here.

Well the movie ‘Zola’, is going to premiere in January at the Sundance Film Festival.

Riley Keough-Jessica-Taylour Paige-Zola

Riley Keough as Jessica & Taylour Paige as Zola

The premise: Zola partakes in a wild 2-day Florida trip with a sex worker named Jessica, her boyfriend Derrek, and Jessica’s violent pimp, who went by X.

The cast includes, Taylour Paige as Zola, Riley Keough as Jessica, Nicholas Braun as Derrek, Colman Domingo as X, Jason Mitchell as Mitch and Ari’el Stachel as Sean.

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